Crispy fried fruit “fried” to give a strong flavor of the New Year

News from Yongzhou News (correspondents Yin Jun and He Shumei) As the Spring Festival approaches, every household is busy preparing new year’s goods, and wanderers are returning home one after another.Before the Spring Festival in Yao Township, Dao County, in addition to slaughtering pigs, cured bacon, and brewing rice wine, they also fried baskets full of golden-yellow fruits. Guests come to the house and serve a plate, and the strong taste of the New Year rises with the food.

At Yang Xiao’s home in Chihuaping Village, Hongtangying Yao Township, Dao County, the family began to get busy early in the morning. Fried fruit is a big event before the Spring Festival in Yao Township. From the moment the frying pan is set up, the atmosphere of the Spring Festival is intense.

“The old man said that if you don’t fry the fruit, it’s not like Chinese New Year. Our family makes fruit every year, and then we will give some to relatives and friends. When we make a lot of fruit, we will sell it in the market on the market day.” Villager Yang Xiao Ru said.

Fried fruit is also called fried year fruit. The fried fruit in Yaoxiang is mainly made of sweet potato, brown sugar, black sesame, native tea oil, glutinous rice flour and sticky rice flour. On the chopping board, knead the boiled sweet potato syrup, mix it into the flour mixed with glutinous rice flour and sticky rice flour, put it in the steam oven for 1.5 hours of steaming and fermentation, then add black sesame seeds and knead repeatedly to make the jizi. Knead it into the shape you want, and then put it in the oil pan for frying. Although the steps are complicated, when the Spring Festival is approaching, the family gathers together, chatting about homework, and making Yaoxiang’s unique fried fruit, which is also a special New Year’s flavor.

“Handmade fruits are delicious, but rubbing is very laborious, which is a technical job. And when frying, the heat must be controlled very well, otherwise, the fried fruits will not be so delicious. This is old A handicraft that has been passed down from generation to generation.” Villager Yang Xiao introduced.

With the scent of tea oil filling the room, the fruits tumbling in the hot oil pan gradually turn golden. The freshly fried fruits are fragrant and crisp, and you can’t stop eating them. The baked fruits are left to cool, put away, and packed. When guests come to the house during the Spring Festival, the fried fruits have become a unique treat for guests in Yao Township. In Yao Township, fried fruit is not only a delicacy, but more importantly, a custom, a bond of family affection, and an atmosphere for celebrating the Spring Festival.



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