Earthen recipe of pickled duck eggs does not need salt water or mud, and it is marinated in 30 days, all of which are oily and sandy

The earthen recipes for pickled duck eggs do not need salt water or mud. They are marinated in 30 days, and all of them are oily and sandy.

Among all kinds of side dishes for dinner, duck eggs are definitely classics. I remember eating them often when I was a child. At that time, there were ducks, chickens, duck eggs and eggs at home, and my mother would use them to pickle. But I still think that duck eggs More fragrant and more delicious, so delicious!

When I was young, I ate duck eggs. I always liked to eat the delicious duck egg yolks. I thought the remaining egg whites were too salty and tasteless, so I didn’t want to eat them. I always left them for my dad haha.

I don’t know if you have the experience of salting duck eggs at home, how do you think the salted duck eggs are, and which one is better than the ones sold outside?

Many people must have said that of course it is from the outside. I marinate it myself. There is no oil at all. Except for a little saltiness, it is no different from boiled ones.

Haha, in fact, salted duck eggs are really simple. I will teach you how to make them. You don’t need salt water or mud. They can be marinated in 30 days, and each one is super delicious.

【Salted duck eggs】

Prepare: duck eggs, clear water, plastic wrap, glass jars, strong liquor, salt

In the first step, the fresher the duck eggs, the better the marinated taste. First, wash off the dirt on the surface of the duck eggs and scrub them with a steel wool ball, but be careful not to puncture them.

The second step is to wash the duck eggs. I guess many people like to dry them with paper, and then they are done, and they are ready to be marinated. This is wrong. After the duck eggs are washed, the surface is moist, so at this time, we can put them outside in the sun for exposure.

The third step is, why do you need to expose to the sun? Many people may say, won’t it crack when exposed to the sun? In fact, it will only be exposed for a short while. Just leave it in the sun for about half an hour. This way of drying will not only dry the surface moisture, but also make the egg yolk more likely to produce oil.

The fourth step is to pour the wine into a bowl. It must be high-strength liquor. The brand does not matter, but the degree must be sufficient, and then pour the salt into another bowl. Let’s put the duck egg in the white wine first, and roll it around, making sure that every corner of the duck egg is stained with white wine.

The fifth step, very quickly, is to wrap it in a circle, and there is no need to soak it. After wrapping it up, take it out and put it in salt. The same method is used. Finally, each duck egg is wrapped with plastic wrap, put into a glass jar, sealed and placed in a cool and ventilated place, wait patiently for 30 days, take it out and cook it before eating.



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