Exclusive pickled salted duck eggs, no jars or mud, 28 days of oil and sand, salty, fresh and sweet

After the Great Cold, I’ve been really busy for a while, snapping up beautiful pork, cured bacon, stuffed sausages, and cured fish. This twelfth lunar month is destined to be extraordinary, and the RMB in my wallet is rushing out. Just buying pork is a thousand dollars. Yuan, my hometown sent some duck eggs a few days ago. After frying them a few times, the fishy smell is very strong. I feel that they are still delicious when marinated. I used the old method my grandma taught me. The monobai wine Moutai is marinated. The fragrance is high-quality and no soaking is required , and don’t need jars, after 25 days, all of them will be oily and sandy, salty and delicious. I still remember when I was a child, there was a lack of supplies, and there was no fresh vegetables at all. Every winter, I lived on stored radish and cabbage, soybean paste and salted eggs, and white rice. Congee with salted eggs, salted duck eggs, everyone eats it with relish, and after a long time, it has become a tradition. Today, we will continue to share salted duck eggs.

Salted duck eggs can be pickled all year round. The salted duck eggs can be preserved for a long time without rot. Usually, they are better pickled in cold weather, because they are easy to store. There will be red oil overflowing, and it looks very appetizing. There are many ways to pickle salted eggs, and everyone is different. Some people use mud, some use jars, and I choose to use white wine. It is very simple, and the oil is produced quickly. The weather is warm for about 25 days, and the weather is cold for about 30 days. Because the weather is cold in winter, it is relatively slow. According to this method, it is very successful. The salted egg yolk is very attractive. Orange red, a salted duck egg for breakfast, the yolk of the egg white is rustling, it really whets the appetite.

salted duck eggs

Ingredients: duck eggs, high-grade liquor

Seasoning: salt

1. I received a large basket full of duck eggs. The first step is to clean it. This thing is a patient job. Steel balls and small toothbrushes go into battle, even brushing and washing, try to make it as clean as possible, and then dry the water. To dry.

2. The next step is to prepare a bottle of high-strength white wine. The brand does not matter, but the degree must be high. During the pickling process of duck eggs, avoid raw water as much as possible, and use white wine to sterilize one by one.

3. Prepare two bowls, pour half a bag of salt into one, and half a bowl of wine into the other. After the duck eggs are dry, roll them in white wine first, then in table salt.

4. The surface of the entire duck egg is full of salt grains. It can be wrapped like this. Use food-grade plastic wrap to wrap the duck egg from the small to the top, and wrap it tightly.

5. Divide the eggs into 10 bags, put them into a fresh-keeping bag, write the pickling date on the outside, put a layer of fresh-keeping bag on it, tie a knot and seal it. Of course, you can also put it in a casserole pot and keep it in the shade 20-30 days, the time is adjusted according to the season, 25 days in summer, 30 days in winter, because the weather is cold and the temperature is low in winter, the oil production will be slower.

6. It is not recommended to eat in the first half month, because duck eggs will produce nitrite during the pickling process. Its transition period is about half a month. When it is about 25 days, you can cook it and taste it. The longer the time, the higher the oil yield. It is recommended to try it in about 28 days to find your favorite taste. The salted duck eggs are moderately salty and appetizing for dinner. If you like salted duck eggs, don’t miss it.

Skill Summary

1. After washing duck eggs, be sure to fully dry the water, and try to avoid raw water for pickled food.

2. High-grade liquor is essential, it plays a role in sterilization and can prolong the shelf life of duck eggs.

3. It is recommended to try the marinated duck eggs in about 28 days. Remember to cook or steam them before eating, because the marinated duck eggs are raw.

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