Food: New Year stew, someone blanches, someone stews directly, it’s not right, teach you the right way

Approaching the New Year, every household has begun to stock up on various New Year goods, among which meat is definitely one of the must-stock New Year goods. I remember when I was a child, at the end of every year, my father would stew a large pot of pork belly, and the aroma wafted all over the street, and the neighbors knew who was stewing meat again when they smelled it. Put the stewed meat into a large basin, you can fry it with vegetarian dishes during the New Year, or you can directly heat it to eat, fragrant, don’t mention how tempting!

Now I buy my own New Year goods and start stewing, whether it is stewed chicken stewed ribs or stewed beef, but it is always not as delicious as my father, and then I specially consulted this “chef”, only to know that I did the wrong step in the first step, no wonder the stewed meat is not fragrant. Here are 2 tips for stewed meat to make sure you make a soupy stew.

The first trick: avoid blanching, and use rice water and salt water to soak and clean instead.

Stew meat at home, afraid of fishy smell, always wash and blanch first, and then stew after blanching out impurities. Dad said that in addition to frozen meat that needs to be blanched, fresh meat basically does not need to be blanched, blanching water will make the meat dry and lose umami, can be stewed directly, but the cleaning before stewing is particular.

1. Why should frozen meat be blanched?

Because frozen meat is directly frozen after livestock slaughter and division, some blood water remains in the meat quality, and after freezing, the blood water is blocked in the meat and cannot be volatilized and discharged, and there will be a heavy fishy smell without blanching treatment.

2. How to clean fresh meat?

Many friends buy back meat is used to rinse directly with water, thinking that rinsing with running water can wash the meat, in fact, this practice is very wrong. Rinsing meat can not remove the microorganisms on its surface, and will make the bacteria on the meat spread with splashing water droplets, easy to cause cross-infection in the stove, cutting board and other areas, especially in this special period, pay more attention to the hygiene of the kitchen. Therefore, the washing meat should not be directly rinsed with water.

The correct way to clean fresh meat is to wash it in a container, and the water is also delicate, you need to scrub it with rice water first, and then soak it in salt water for 20 minutes. Taomi water has a strong adsorption capacity, the purchased raw meat into Taomi water to scrub, can absorb the dirty things on the surface of the meat, make the meat cleaner, and salt has the effect of sterilization, but also through osmotic pressure to force out the blood water in the meat, so that the meat quality is more tender.

The second trick: different meat products use different spices

Stewed meat in addition to the fresh aroma of the meat itself, the blessing of spices is also essential, different meat according to their own characteristics to put different spices to do, in order to maximize the aroma of the meat, but also pay attention to the spices can not be placed indiscriminately, misplaced, a good pot of stew will be destroyed. It can be said that no matter what kind of meat it is, as long as the spices are right, there will be no big problem with the taste.

1. Pork. Pork is the most commonly used ingredients for stewed meat, many friends made pork taste can but taste poor, how to solve this problem, it is recommended to use large ingredients, cinnamon and fragrant leaves these 3 ingredients, all have the effect of removing fishy and increasing flavor.

2. Lamb. Eating lamb in winter can nourish the body, especially stewed to eat has health care effects, but lamb can not use too much spices, its best partner is cumin and peppercorns, can put forward the umami of lamb, while covering the smell of lamb, but it is not recommended to enlarge the material and cinnamon, because the taste is too heavy, will cover the unique aroma of lamb.

3. Beef. Beef is easier to handle than pork and mutton, as long as the blood and water are eliminated in the early stage to ensure that the beef is not fishy, the rest is a matter of heat. The spices that beef likes are large ingredients, grass fruits and fragrant leaves, and the beef stewed with these three ingredients is very fragrant, but it does not like peppercorns and cinnamon, and it is also too heavy in flavor and will cover up the original aroma

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