Game A Valiant Story

Game A Valiant Story
Publisher Gameview Game Studio
Genre RPG
Size 230MB
Latest Version 1.3.7
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OS Android Games

A Valiant Story – Speaking of Anime/Manga, you will probably think of cute characters soon Big round eyes come from cherry blossom country – Japan. However, because the genre is animated, people often think that only children are interested. But not so, Anime / Manga is very popular in the world, with mainly young people. The reason is that the content of this genre is beautiful, has a climax and happy ending. Therefore, Anime is not only developed in the film industry but also developed in the entertainment industry. One of the best games in the genre is A Valiant Story. Let me point out the main ideas of this game.


The story takes place in the land of Valiant. Previously Valiant is a peaceful land, with many people living and flourishing. Unfortunately, the Dungeon which has created the poison and turned all the creatures in the place into vast and aggressive. Not only that, he was behind the darkness and commanded the army to destroy everything in this beautiful land. You are the heir of Valiant land and have the power at hand. Only you can drive out the monsters and return peace to this place.

Team up and start the adventure in the mainland

Similar to other MMORPG roleplaying game, you will start creating your characters with 4 classes include Swordsman, Fighter, Musketeer, and CardMaster. Each class has a specific combat principle, such as using cards, swords, spells, and so on, so each class has different combat and equipment skills.

During the journey to find peace in this land, you must take part in battles with monsters and bosses to collect valuable equipment and supplies to upgrade your inventory. The game offers two main modes: Dungeon Creation Temple or Soul Train and PK mode for those who like to show off their character power. However, A Valiant Story has a large map, you can also collect pets, and they will help you fight and move faster! Do you like riding a panda or an eagle?


A Valiant Story MOD is a role-playing game with an engaging storyline and gameplay. Besides, the graphical background is also extremely meticulous design, giving players a great view on their mobile. Besides, the effect when character use skill is also wonderful, combined with the sound makes fun for players!

MOD: Coming soon

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