Game Ace Commando
Publisher Threye: Military Games
Genre Action
Size 200MB
Latest Version 1.0.11
MOD Info Free Shopping
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Update September 15, 2019 (1 year ago)

Ace Commando – A game market is a place where there are many different types of games such as shooting, RPG, puzzle, … All bring a unique feeling and experience. If the RPG makes you feel adventurous, then the shooter will make you feel nervous in battles with your opponents. Some game genres that you can name are CS: GO, PUGB (with PC and Mobile versions), … If you are a fan of shooting games, then you should definitely try Ace Commando. This is a Threye: Military Games with thousands of installments since its launch. Besides, they also have a wide range of favorite shooter games around the world so you can enjoy Guardian of the skies, Operation Morning Glory, Unstoppable: Endless Shooting Game. Besides, there are also games with diverse themes so that players can freely choose and play.

A stealth and action-packed shooter game for the mobile

As for how to play, you will play the role of a fighter capable of fighting with a mature gun, by being able to use all kinds of guns freely. You will have that mission to destroy all the AIs on the battlefield and then defeat their Boss. The game will be divided into several levels, and each task from there will gradually be divided from easy to difficult. The later the number of enemies will get bigger, the weapons will be more advanced, and the boss will be stronger. This requires you to upgrade your character to be able to confront the enemy. This factor is sure you can understand how to improve.

All shooting games have this element. You will buy the necessary weapons in the shop as well as the skin to make your character have a higher survival rate. This requires you to consider carefully the items you will buy. For example, in the process of choosing a gun or buying a skin, you will have to think between picking the gun you like and the type of gun that suits you. Besides, some shooting games rely on information on real-life guns to get them into the game. You will be able to meet some of the guns that you use stably to take it to the battlefield. On the battlefield, the player can dodge enemy observation or decide to confront it directly. This makes you have to apply your own skills and experience to the game to come up with the right strategy.

Concerning game information, it is designed with 3D graphics and battle simulation carefully. Therefore, it will require a common device configuration to be able to run the game, and it is quite a waste of phone device. Besides, this is an unreleased version on the market. You can download the trial version in CH play to experience slowly. With a limited level (only 10) and maybe an error, you need to decide if you will wait for the official release or try to see if the game is right for you through the version experiment.

The article must have given you the necessary information about this game. With a variety of missions and weapons, this will definitely be the game that makes you feel interesting as well as relieve stress after stressful working hours. Please try to wait until the official release to fully experience it.