Game Age of History

Game Age of History
Publisher Łukasz Jakowski
Genre Strategy
Size 19M
Latest Version 1.1582
MOD Info Patcher
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Update November 9, 2020 (4 months ago)

Age of History is a large-scale strategy game that allows players to control their subjects in overwhelming the world through an impressive 3D visual system. Moreover, the game’s battlefield is the world in many eras; even players can evolve and develop all of their units in a more advanced and powerful way. Age of History introduced Earth, but it also added another planet called Kepler-22b, an alien planet with a larger scale and a more dense population. The game emphasizes tactics and manages the empire, helping players enjoy completely new content compared to other games.

Age of History


Age of History will simulate the world’s process through various ages, whether prehistoric, ancient, medieval, and modern. All periods have their civilization, and players can develop their empire to begin colonizing elsewhere. The simulation of the game is the highlight, as it gives players the true experience of the sovereign. Of course, players will directly control their subjects through a special perspective, an overview of the globe, a convenient perspective to track enemies. The game emphasizes large-scale strategy, and players focus not only on the attack but also on defending, building supply lines, evolving, and improving the empire’s quality of life.

Age of History


The gameplay of Age of History is a wide variety, promising to bring the most authentic experience in managing an empire. Therefore, the game’s interface and control mechanism are innovative and intuitive, allowing players to interact with the subject more easily. Through the interface, players can evolve, upgrade, advance, build strategies, and many other things to make their empire thrive. The game’s interface is designed in a great and vibrant, allowing players to access all the necessary features to control their empire. Moreover, the players themselves can make many choices through the interface, even flexibly organizing the army while observing the enemy.

Age of History


The diversity of the game’s civilization and provinces is the most striking and impressive point, bringing freedom and timelessness to the game. Players can start with any civilization they love, followed by expansion, battle, evolution, and applying many new technologies to develop the empire’s quality. The player will have only one capital, but their civilization will be wiped off the map if the defenses fail three times. Of course, the player can conquer the enemy capitals to expand their territory and even attract all of their resources to develop the army. The game will also introduce more advanced civilizations as the player progresses with the game, making them more flexible for the empire to last as long as possible.

Age of History


Order is the ultimate weapon that players use to manage the empire and its subjects, even conduct multiple campaigns and announce war with other countries. Players can directly issue orders in many ways: normal and diplomatic aspects, with many different uses to help the empire prevail. Through Normal Views, players will develop their empires, such as building and developing civilizations to a new height, even consolidating and recruiting troops to gain more combat power. Meanwhile, Diplomacy Views are more political, allowing players to build relationships with neighboring countries and even create Alliance to live together in peace. After all, the decision is up to the players, and they have the power to fight other Alliance and begin to conquer the world.

Age of History


War has always existed in any era, whether ancient to modern today, so the Age of History introduces various game modes and challenges that can be customized to players with the best experience. The game will introduce scenarios like Modern World, World War I, World War II, Medieval, etc. Custom scenarios will be introduced, allowing players to freely build their own game modes to enjoy in their spare time.


Kepler-22b is the name of an alien planet where new cultures and species will emerge, even creating variety for the game for players to explore. All creatures in sci-fi stories will appear on this planet, even a combination of magic and technology, to bring the war to new heights and test the capabilities of player’s tactics.

Age of History

Age of History deserves one of the best strategy games thanks to the gameplay and its scale. Players can be whoever they want, build their empire, develop, and create an unbeatable civilization to conquer the world. Even the game will apply many realistic mechanisms to make the game more authentic in every detail. If you are looking for strategy games that can give you thrills, the Age of History can be a worthwhile experience.


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