Game Amour: Love Stories

Game Amour: Love Stories
Genre Simulation
Size 50M
Latest Version 1.14.7
MOD Info Premium Choices
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Files March 10, 2021 (4 days ago)

In our lives, there is various negative life, such as tragedy, suffering, and despair. But on the contrary, many fate is positive, and not everyone has the opportunity to experience them. In other words, our lives will be decided by ourselves, and its outcome is unpredictable. There have been many games that use real-life elements to develop gameplay and bring countless different experiences for players. Stories of happiness, tragedy, or confusion, are all there, and players only need to be mentally prepared to enjoy. One of those games is Amour: Love Stories, a name inspired by France, a country of romantic and suitable for honeymooners.

Amour: Love Stories (MOD, Premium Choices) ***

Amour is an emotional simulation game, allowing players to become whoever they want through countless different stories. The game will introduce players love stories full of tragedy, drama, suspense, and breathtaking. Whatever genre the player wants, the game will introduce instantly. All the stories that “Amour” has will be listed in many different categories, which give players a lot of choices before enjoying a story. Games that emulate emotions are often underestimated in terms of gameplay, but rich in storyline, and it’s similar to a novel with visuals for players to enjoy.

Be anyone you want, make your own life, your stories

Amour will introduce players to a huge, diverse library of stories about the world, genre, and time. Each story will have a simple description, introducing the world within it, the genre, and the available characters. However, those first in the game, will experience a simple story to capture all the features included throughout the game. Players will become the main character in each story, and thereby build their destiny and decide how the story will happen thanks to the choices. The consequences, results, or many other things are unpredictable, thereby creating many emotions for players, enticing them with this game to bring them many surprises.

Amour: Love Stories (MOD, Premium Choices) ***

Multiple choices, make your own decision

Amour is a game that emulates emotions, and it allows players to decide which choices to bring to them with different emotions. Each conversation, individual decision, or change of outfit will have many options for players. However, each option will leave an impression on the opponent, or bring players many unexpected results. Because of the variety of choices, players will have more opportunities to change the fate of the protagonist or decide the relationship with the people they want. Interestingly, the game also allows players to choose the gender of the character, thereby building a gay or multi-gender relationship. All player choices will affect the whole story, and the game will also have an undo or save feature so that players can experience the outcome of each decision.

Well-developed characters, various personalities

The thing that makes every story of “Amour” impressive and gives players much emotion is thanks to the supporting characters that appear in each story. In the description of the story, it will not mention all the characters that will appear in the player’s journey, thereby creating a surprise, and confusing the player. However, all the supporting characters are rigorously constructed, and their emotions are displayed thanks to the visual feature. Not only expressions but also actions and words, all thanks to visuals, similar to a visual novel game. Each character has its characteristics, such as attitude, personality, and hobbies, but all of them will be profoundly affected by the choices of the player. Because of that, players will have thoughts, worries, and emotions when making decisions with each character.

Amour: Love Stories (MOD, Premium Choices) ***

Mini-games, unexpected situations!

Amour not only focuses on love stories, but it also adds other elements like mini-games or unexpected situations. Players will become bored, or predictable without these factors. Players will be able to choose costumes, decide on parties, or be forced to make choices in a short time. The changing of clothes dramatically affects the people around them, and it depends on the party the player will attend. In other words, each event will give the player three choices, and each option will change the attitude, look, and the influence of the minor characters on the player.

Amour is considered one of the best simulation games when it allows players to become whoever they want, as well as build a life of their own. Each story not only gives players different experiences and emotions but also changes the way people view a problem or a certain aspect of life. If you want to experience a new identity, a new life, and a new world, Amour will be a great choice for you.


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