Game Animal Warfare

Game Animal Warfare
Publisher PlaySide Studios
Genre Strategy
Size 100M
Latest Version 2.4.1
MOD Info Free Shopping
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Update January 29, 2021 (1 month ago)

A mighty army is the best tool to win a battle. Before starting a war, the nations will have to prepare the military and equipment for the military. In reality, the army is human, and humans are the main human resource to create an army. Popular war strategy titles are also popular, such as Age of Empires, RA2, and many others. The player who plays certainly sees the common point of those games because they are all games with a human appearance. So have you ever seen animals become the main warriors of an army? And that appeared in the game Animal Warfare for players to experience.


Animal Warfare (MOD, Free Shopping) ***

Unlike other current games with an extremely eye-catching graphic style, this game goes against that. The game still has the most modern graphic format today, 3D, to bring more multidimensional views to the players. Players can feel the truth while playing the game, which will elevate the player’s experience to a new level. But what makes this game so unique and attracts players is the exceptional design style of the game. The game does not use a complicated design like in many self-games that players have experienced before, but it simplifies the player. The animals will not be designed as smoothly as in other games but designed in a geometric style, with no facial parts. The player can easily imagine a tiger, but it will not be as smooth as other games. Because of this straightforward design style, the game has succeeded in giving players a relatively new experience for players to feel. And at the same time, it also contributed an essential part to the success of the game.


Animal Warfare (MOD, Free Shopping) ***

In this game, the thing that will make up the most important factor for players to win is the player’s tactics. The player will be played as a leader of an army of animals to attack other animals, so the player’s task is to develop a strategy to win. If the player can do well in that role, it will not be too difficult for you to win. The gameplay and fighting style of the game is straightforward in that the player creates a squad and uses it to fight. Once the match starts, both armies will rush together to fight together and find the match-winner. The first army destroyed will be the loser, and the winner is the one who survives. At what stage are the game’s tactics? That is the moment that players begin to arrange for the squad to start entering the battle. Players need to arrange a correct formation to win the match. But to do this, the player must first understand the animals’ full capabilities in the game. Animals capable of long-range attack should be placed in the back to cause more dame, and tankers should stand in front to protect the back row. Besides, depending on the function, the player needs to find a suitable position to maximize the soldiers’ strength.


Animal Warfare (MOD, Free Shopping) ***

The game will bring players to a very diverse animal world with many animals with unique abilities. In the game, the player can control many animals such as giraffes, wolves, lions, elephants, and many other animals to fight. They will be divided into three groups with different abilities and strengths, in order of Normal, Epic, and Legend for players to collect them. The game used colors to easily distinguish them according to blue, purple, and yellow colors.

Animal Warfare (MOD, Free Shopping) ***

Each animal will also have its particular skill; for example, the fox will have the skill Burrow, dig tunnels into sneaking behind the enemy. Or that Kangaroo is an animal of ordinary rank but can use the physical strength to immobilize his opponent.


Animal Warfare (MOD, Free Shopping) ***

Player’s opponents will become stronger and stronger day by day, so they need to do something to counter them. And the way to do that is to use the collected resources to level up your warriors. Each time you level up a level, the player’s warrior will gain many stats and become much stronger than before. Players can fight powerful bosses such as wild wolves, bears, and many other dangerous animals.

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