Game Another Day

Game Another Day
Publisher Elex
Genre RPG
Size 61M
Latest Version 1.3.4
MOD Info Unlimited Ammo
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Update February 6, 2020 (1 year ago)

Coming to Another Day you will be the savior that this world is waiting for.


The game is built according to the theme Eschatological and Zombie. In it, players will be incarnated into new characters in the game to proceed to participate in the fierce battle. Players will start as a new resident in a mysterious town. They will then gradually experience established stories in the game with their fighting skills. The task will start from the name you choose, adjust equipment and weapons for game characters. With level 1, players will not rush to fight immediately, but instead, they will build a safe place for themselves. The system will give players the most basic items so they can proceed to build accommodation. Game characters can carry with them 2 different weapons when participating in battles with enemies in the game.

The majority of enemies that players will face are zombies, one of the creepiest zombies of this game. Because zombies have slow-moving characteristics, players can both shoot and go back to avoid damage from them. Each zombie that falls down will drop various useful items, grab them and make use of them that can help the character’s attributes. For large zombies, run quickly if the weapon is not class enough, it runs faster than normal zombies and also higher damage. Not being careful can lose your life immediately.


– Various media navigation features in the game help players move to the task location faster. In addition to using many new weapons in the game can also help players kill the final boss in each level.
– The game has many different NPCs arranged in each game area, if you want ten of them to join your battle group, please explore their story through each given mission.
– Unlike other survival games, this game features shelter building. Players are free to collect resources that build them to their liking. Want to shoot the zombies from a high position, the player can build stairs in his house.

Face them with your chainsaw if you are brave enough to fight face to face. Sniper guns are no longer important now.

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