Game Apex Legends – Survival game by EA

Game Apex Legends – Survival game by EA
Publisher EA
Genre Survival
Size 1GB
Latest Version 1.0.0
Update April 5, 2020 (11 months ago)

Apex Legends – Ever since its launch, Battle Royale has become gameplay for many people. Because in fact, it is an upgraded model of shooting action game, where they will have to show their skills to the maximum. In this arena there is no concession, all around are enemies and Victory comes only to one person. Therefore, it becomes more intense than other types of games.

Another survival game?

Apex Legends is a product from legendary game producer Electronic Arts. You can see the upgrade of this famous publisher for the popular game. They are so confident that their game is called – THE NEXT EVOLUTION OF BATTLE ROYALE. First of all, we can see that its graphics are much more upgraded than today’s counterfeit products, even compared to PUBG. Besides, the gameplay is also added with exciting enhancements, but still, obey the strict rules of a Battle Royal game but also brings funny emotions. Apex Legends has been released with more common platforms such as PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Players can quickly experience exciting battles on many popular gaming devices.

What is the difference?

The story will tell the myths, their battles to survive in the fierce world. These people are not afraid to risk, possess unique skills and even super abilities. Each of them has their own stories, clear indicators of age, tactical knowledge, passive and the Ultimate Ability. Currently, the game has only about eight basic characters, so it is quite easy for players to learn and experience.

The story of the game is set during the period after The Frontier War. After hundreds of years of fighting and conflicts between the two forces of Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and Militia founded to fight them, the remote land called the Frontier can also enjoy peace.

But that Peace must pay the price after two opposing forces pulled out of that land, everything was taken away. That means the population here does not exist anything that can be used. Their life Now there is nothing left, disturbed and hungry. They were forced to leave the sad very home and go to the Outlands. Here brave people can survive because this land has no rules, everyone is fighting for money, fame, and glory.


As introduced above, the game has characters that players can choose when entering a match. Outlaws, soldiers, misfits, and misanthropes, … They all have a set of skills. As long as you survive long enough in this terrible world, you are eligible to be called Legend. Look for people who share your goals and create a squad with them to increase their mutual support and victory. This is an action RPG, but everyone has to fight and move. Switch to a certain tactic. If you have impulsive actions, you will be guessed by the other players and kill them immediately. The two prerequisites for you to temporarily survive in the game are to master all the skills of the character and have a sharp mind to think fast.

Some new functions are included in the game such as Respawn Beacons, which helps players to revive their teammates. This helps a lot in tactics and extends the game, as well as increasing complexity. Smart Comms is a good feature to strengthen the connection between players in the same team. Players will communicate with each other more easily with that smart system.


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