Game Arcaea

Game Arcaea
Genre Casual
Size 500M
Latest Version 3.5.2
MOD Info All Content Unlocked
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Files March 9, 2021 (4 days ago)

Music and gaming are the most popular forms of entertainment today, with some even listening to music while playing games for entertainment. Some people use each of them individually at different times for enjoyment. Have you ever dreamed of a combination of the two? If so, then surely the game Arcaea will be the product for you. This game is what is combined for both music and video to entertain users. This game is built on a music theme with lots of new and exciting things for players to experience. This game is not the first, but it can be said that this is the best thing in mobile platforms for players to entertain. WxD26buGhI2tvXzzeBHcb-vKcFGKXxHhuwqPqplfuH_NWtLCCIisWyKeWDFHeDZh3A=w1000 (1000×562)


Music games are often designed to follow a simple 2D style to save resources for the device. Not only to save money but also because music games usually do not have too many objects or battle, so the 3D format is not necessary. But this game does not follow the familiar path, but it is built in a completely different style from other names. The game is made in a 3D style to bring more realism while playing the game. Although it is a built-in 3D style, the game is not massive but also very light to suit many different configurations. Although the user’s device does not have a configuration of too powerful, it is certainly enough to be able to experience the game. The objects in the game are designed in 3D style but not as complicated as others; it has been simplified a lot to be more device-friendly. 3fICENk1gaSPDU4cy5scgYI6JNDOqW3Rv4-qc1HSBNwXPaBbiNRcsjOqvl7tJGFyEnQS=w1000 (1000×562)

The reflexes decide everything

In this game, the design is similar to the straightforward piano keys; users need to touch the screen to play games. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a red bar so the user can know when to click on it. The buttons will fall from above, and when the red bar touches, that’s when the user touches the screen to destroy the key. The gameplay is straightforward, but to do that will be a challenging problem, and not everyone can do it. Players need to have a rapid reflex to click on the right square at the right time because there will be up to 4 different tiles in the game. mb3JHi71ONe_0DwpL4fwsXg_JPuE8DIjI4I5WA0yWfaVQkC1Qtq3bXuw3MGs_4lTgQ=w1000 (1000×562) There will be times when the player will have to press both boxes simultaneously to have the two keys parallel. Besides the place notes from above, there are times when players need to touch and hold on the screen to destroy long chains. There will be two types of string lying on a long straight line; the other two are players who need to move their fingers in its direction. So in this game, the player’s reflex speed will be the key to leading players to a high score.

Creating combos

In the process that players experience the game while playing, if you destroy many consecutive notes without missing, it will create a combo. The combo is used to evaluate a player’s ability as it will help the player get higher scores when accumulating many combos. Doing this is not a simple thing, requiring players to have quick reflexes to do it. Just once the error of hitting the screen a little earlier or later, the player’s combo will be terminated and have to start over. Without being quick, the player will not be able to get high scores and set a record. oAv3XNPqAcIGHjY6W3GaVHF940GTP1MpyHl2uhz5bBVscuC04WtflfzC_BzZNgF7hMAh=w1000 (1000×562)

Variety of modes

The best thing about this game is that it has many different game modes so that players can begin to get acquainted with the game. Each mode has a different falling speed; the higher the level, the faster the rate. At the first level, users indeed do not find it challenging to complete the game. But as later, when you get used to the game, it is possible to increase the difficulty of the game to find the challenge. zKCDobHLHKLEFDb3e-u2cUG1ifdKGnxxWwqVzXk3E4OdPNm39Iz55gH-6PHBeHpRLU5_=w1000 (1000×562)

Many good songs

In the game, there are many excellent songs for players to choose and start the game; they can be divided into many different genres for players to select. All of them are songs from Japan; there are songs from famous movies like Naruto, Fairytale, and many movies. Each song will have a different play style to challenge the player, and the notes in the game will fall to the correct tempo of the song for players to enjoy the song.


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