Game Area F2 – Global Launch

Game Area F2 – Global Launch
Publisher Qookka Games
Genre Action
Size 800M
Latest Version 1.0.60
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Update May 5, 2020 (10 months ago)

The shooter market at the moment is almost saturated. Therefore, new games are sure that there will be strange mechanisms for players to learn and enjoy. Area F2 refers to a new technique in war. It was the first mobile game to adapt to the mechanics of Close-Quarters Battle. This battle mechanism requires players to have extremely high skills because the pace of the game will be breakneck. If you do not adapt in time, you will definitely meet in incredibly pathetic losses.

A vast number of characters involved in the game

Area F2 is an RPG that shoots a variety of characters in this product. First, you will experience 20+ agents. Each of them possesses a lot of different skills and requires the player to practice hard. Because, basically, these people are designed based on characters on real-life special forces. Their fighting techniques are incredibly diverse, with exclusive gadgets. For example, if you want to play as a gunner, you must know how to set up a machine gun to lay down suppressing fire. Sometimes encountering impenetrable walls, you will have to use the tremendous firepower of explosive crossbow bolts. They will let the object explode to quickly charge into the battlefield. A wide range of tactical combinations and interactions makes this game a lot more complicated and attractive than similar products of the same genre.

Captivating images designed with state-of-the-art graphics

Thanks to extremely advanced image design techniques, Area F2 produces extremely high-quality frames to satisfy its players. Realistic scenes will be shown in the game through many different angles. Moreover, based on your position and role in the game, things become a bit different. If you want to see the most explicit distinction in perspective, then switch between the attackers and defenders. In the role of an offensive team, players will be able to use many powerful weapons to destroy the walls. Good decisions will create their own entry points so you can attack them more quickly and effectively. However, in the position of those who are trying to defend, there will be a plan to fight back. You have the strength to reinforce doors and windows. While the enemy is trying to attack, you must do your best to minimize the damage on your squad.

The battle to collect information is a bright spot of this game

For all games that have a tactical tendency, information holding always plays an important role. For example, you know where the opponent is, you will quickly plan the appropriate plan to attack most effectively. Area F2 allows you to launch drones to find the location of the targets you need to attack. In contrast, those who play defensive roles also use this advanced technology to disturb the information of the enemies. As long as the opponent collects false information and wastes ammunition resources without doing anything, you have won half the battle.


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