Game ARK: Survival Evolved

Game ARK: Survival Evolved
Publisher Studio Wildcard
Genre Action, Adventure
Size 2GB
Latest Version 2.0.22
MOD Info Amber/Craft/Immortality
Get it On Google Play
Update December 29, 2020 (2 months ago)

With the EPIC Game bringing their Fortnite games to the mobile platform, many publishers are racing to do the same. Currently, smartphones are equipped with a powerful configuration, widescreen, the experience of the games inherent on PC or Console has become much more straightforward. Recently, PlayAR has introduced its super product to mobile users, the game called ARK: Survival Evolved. This is a dinosaur hunting action game that installs heavily on XBOX and some other consoles. Only on Steam, the game has reached 143,000 positive reviews.

ARK: Survival Evolved (MOD, Amber/Craft/Immortality)

ARK: PlayAR officially introduced survival Evolved in August 2017. Immediately, the game has created a fever around the globe. With beautiful graphics and new gameplay. The game has left a lot of impression on players around the world. Do not stop there; the player has decided to cooperate with some famous studios (Wildcard, War Drum Studios) to bring this product to the phone users. Promising this will be a formidable opponent with survival games like PUBG Mobile. However, the game is available for the previous Android operating system; iOS users have to wait a little longer to experience this game. This is precisely the opposite of the other games. But according to the publisher, they have not yet optimized the game for the iOS platform.

ARK: Survival Evolved (MOD, Amber/Craft/Immortality)

The novelty of survival

This is a survival game with a vast open world. You will not run around an island 8x8km wide as PUBG, instead of a whole kingdom much larger. If you have ever played GTA 5, you will be happy with the virtual world in this game. Join the game; you will be back to prehistory, now all the dinosaurs are still alive and thriving. You will be riding on the back of the big dinosaurs, fighting on the significant battlefields. Jump and explore the beautiful world in the game. Since it’s a survival game, everything starts at zero. You’ll have to do everything to get your warriors, including hunting, training, building houses, building blocks. To protect yourself from the attack of others.

ARK: Survival Evolved (MOD, Amber/Craft/Immortality)

Since it’s a survival game, you have to confront many other players. Knockdown your opponents if you can, otherwise, they will be the ones who touched you first. However, fighting is not always the best choice. Search for equipment, train dinosaur warriors, build lions and be ready to fight with stronger enemies.

ARK: Survival Evolved (MOD, Amber/Craft/Immortality)

Big Expansion World – Great 3D graphics

Make sure that ARK: Survival Evolved will make us happy as GTA 5 does. The open-world in a huge game. Including forests, long coastlines, ancient populations, and large caves … you’ll be exploring everything in the game. More specifically, all the details in the game are designed with the highest quality 3D graphics, the most modern. Promote, this is a blockbuster hit in 2018 for mobile. If you first join the game, you will not believe in your eyes; the dinosaurs are designed honestly in every detail. They are the result of a technical team working around the clock to revitalize an extinct species.

ARK: Survival Evolved (MOD, Amber/Craft/Immortality)

Sum up

As announced by the publisher, the game will have a capacity of about 2GB. There are also some file extensions so that the game can consume up to 3GB of your machine’s memory. Only that information is enough to confirm that ARK: Survival Evolved is the most anticipated game of the year. Currently, the game is still under development; all information will be updated soon. Download links will be available when the game is released.

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