Game Armor Blitz

Game Armor Blitz
Publisher HaiNet
Genre RPG
Size 72M
Latest Version 1.4.29
MOD Info Free Summon
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File [ARMOR BLITZ (MOD, FREE SUMMON)- MOD] Click to download

You are interested in the war games but do not like the rigid male warrior characters in it. The male warriors are often strongly shaped tough. Then come to Armor Blitz. This is a war-related game, but it carries on itself the cuteness and charm of 2D girls. Developed by HaiNet and Nukatu, this is an unreleased game release on the market but that doesn’t mean they don’t have quality games. Typically, this game has been making a real fandom by itself. The game belongs to the action genre combining tactics, revolving around the theme of war and the girls. Armor Blitz will give you the opportunity to see the female characters coming out of anime and combined with military machinery. Coming to the game, you will experience the bloody feeling of the war, and also the cuteness and hotness of the girls. The game promises to bring the experience worthy of a strategy game of anime style. Why don’t you download Armor Blitz right now?


The world is at war now; weapons destroyed during battle are dropped on the battlefield. When the action is over, the souls of the weapons will go to Valhalla, which is considered a paradise of weapon spirits. These souls will merge into human-shaped tank stock and live a peaceful life. But then, this life was threatened by a demonic force called The Corruption always plotting to destroy the paradise Valhalla. Once again, the weapons that once fought on the battlefield are now reborn as human beings who will have to fight for the peace of their homeland. You will become a General of an army of young and beautiful female warriors. Be the ruler of those female warriors against The Corruption. Together with your female warriors, storm the frontline to fight and destroy the enemy.


The game possesses gameplay that combines a clear action strategy with the classic TCG mechanism. Players will be fighting alternately, in order to win in each stage, players need to have an ability to calculate and plan tactics to arrange the best moves. Before entering the match, the player will select a certain number of cards. Players will click on each card to summon equivalent characters. This game will definitely be the right choice for gamers who prefer to experience, engage in intense action, use the brain the most.


Armor Blitz has a number of extremely innovative and unique features, which the manufacturer has bundled with the game.

Private Story

Each character card in the game has a story to accompany. The story is about the history of that weapon. You can both have fun and learn more about the war machines from World War II. All are drawn in an anime style, cute and attract the eyes of players. Learning history has never been so fun. Players can also upgrade the character’s stats to make them stronger in battle. Not only primary indices but also special indices such as Favorites. It will be the basis for your relationships with the female warriors later on.

Real-Time Battle – RTS

Players will use their female warriors to fight and destroy buildings and also enemies. At the same time, you must protect your territory from invading enemies.

Battlefield Control

Although playing the role of a General, it doesn’t mean you only run your own warrior. You can use the cannon to shoot at enemy headquarters or call for reinforcements to go to the battle. This is very profitable for the progress of the game; you can completely control the cannon to fire anywhere.


Armor Blitz designed in 2D Anime style but still mixed with a few 3D elements like in the battle interface. You will admire the beauty of the 2D girls in the anime have just been immersed in the match to feel everything in it.


The battle effect of the character has been elaborated to improve the experience for the characters. Everything went smoothly, like watching real anime. The soundtrack is also very lively and true, matching each action of the character. This is also to improve the authenticity of the game for players. Do you want an army full of women warriors? Download Armor Blitz now to own yourself the most powerful heroines. Feel the thrilling mind-fighting battles the game brings. You will not regret the experience that the game brings.


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