Game Ax: Alliance vs. Empire
Publisher NEXON Company
Genre RPG
Size 85MB
Latest Version 2.08.00
MOD Info Dump Enemy
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Update September 25, 2020 (6 months ago)

The existence of this world is always evolving after battles. No matter which time you live in, there are contradictions of forces that create fierce fighting. The victor will write history; the loser becomes an evil person. Ax: Alliance vs. Empire is one of the favorite battles designed by NEXON Company and released on many different platforms.

In fact, this is a relatively new game and has achieved specific successes. On Google Play, it has received more than one download and created a massive community of fictional war enthusiasts. In fact, it does not describe any precise era in human history. The context of “AX: Alliance vs. Empire” is a combination of many factors that appeal to players, following their tastes. You will see, there is a bit of medieval coordination based on the costumes and weapons that the characters use; the player can see a bit of fiction when going through many scenes there. You cannot meet in the real world. The characters are designed with sexy images along with the unique costumes of this action game series. “Ax: Alliance vs. Empire” uses the latest technology to build its full 3D model, making it possible to achieve an AAA game’s range.


The first thing you need to pay attention to is that you will have to unite with your allies to fight. Players cannot participate in a battle alone; that action is suicide. When participating in a guild, together with your teammates, compete and experience the enchanting feel of the enormous scale battles in the MMORPG genre.

The world of the game is also miraculously set, fictional and open. With a map of the free world, players will be involved in an epic conflict between the two most potent powers to gain control of the fate of the world. They will have unique characteristics that you quickly recognize. It is also the path that you must try to go through a long journey of the game. Not to mention that it will significantly affect your game style, the equipment that is suitable for maximizing power, as well as tactics and formations that you must follow absolutely.

AxE: Alliance vs. Empire is an online game that allows players to make friends with millions of people around the world to fight. Or you can invite your friends to join this battle. If they were in the same army as you, it would be a great thing that this could create a good team. Or if they have to face it, it will create an enjoyable and exciting competition. Single-player, co-op, and competitive modes will always be available for you to compete. In the end, it is designed to create a content-rich fiction story; players will be brought to a battle with comprehensive features. “Ax: Alliance vs. Empire” promises to deliver an extremely quality twist to a fantasy world story.

Attractive fantasy story

The conflict between the Darkhaan Empire and the Galanos Alliance always exists in this world. The two sides confront each other to gain control of the world as well as the right to exploit the resources it possesses. To do this, they have to compete for rare and powerful relics and exploits to unlock the power of the universe. Players will have to choose their own path to participate in the fight. Each of their actions always affects the future not only of themselves but also of an empire, a planet. Throughout that journey, she was able to meet unforgettable friends and enemies.

Unique battle modes that promote competition

When you join the game will always have to be ready for battles. This is a prerequisite when players have to dive into small 4v4 matches to grandiose PvP. It even provides a 150-player struggle with massive PvP mode. Increased players will participate in an arena that demonstrates their skills. Indeed this is too great for a game to be possible. Play on mobile phones. It is like describing a real war. Besides, when players are tired of competing with rivals, they can raid dungeon bosses like dragons and giants. These goals always bring great rewards, not only for you but also for your teammates.