Game Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble

Game Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble
Publisher Fighting Arena
Genre Action
Size 60M
Latest Version 1.3.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Unlocked
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OS Android Games

Good girls go to heaven, and Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble. Every girl, especially those with a robust and adventurous personality and wants to test the feeling of fighting in this amateur wrestling game. A game that simulates real amateur wrestling gives a realistic feel and connects with the game easily. When you come to a world where girls get spoiled and do their thing want, like wrestling, why not? Strings are a playground for girls to freely show off their style, not bound by too many rules, an incredibly match thrilling and engaging for various levels and matches. Is there anything else that makes you fret without starting this real wrestling battle game? Welcome to women fighting games.


In Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble, the game’s way and mechanism are very simple and easy, and just through a few gentle steps, you can start playing. This game is developed in three modes and different formats. First, want to start the game, you will choose a bad girl character to represent yourself, depending on each person’s preferences to choose the character. The rank of wrestling is fierce, professional residual, and ultimate battle royale. In battle royal, it is divided into two different schools is the story mode and knockout mode.


Explain more about the wrestling mode with the story that all real-life of bad girl wrestling superstars, love hatred behind the field will be clarified and resolved on the wrestling floor. There are deep hatreds that push up the wrestling’s climactic episode, making the battle even more intense and attracting audiences. And boosted outrage against opponents in the royal wrestling arena. A remarkable thing appeared for the first time in the history of wrestling ever; In story mode, super-giants’ encounters in the backyard will be turned into individual combat in different gameplay challenges and full of novelty.


The knockout mode is somewhat fierce and has a lot more heat when the contestants have only one chance on the ring to knock out their opponent. Again, you only have one chance, so the female gladiators will try and be as passionate as possible in this one-on-one battle to survive. What excitement and madness it was not only for the gladiators on the ring but also for the spectators watching under the ring. Everything will be resolved with just one competition, and the female gladiators will gain more and more respectful views of everyone, increasing the level and strength of female gladiators.


The winning female wrestler in the game Bad girls wrestling rumble will receive bonus points for each defeat, allocate bonus points to self-accumulation, give strength, fast processing, punches, your own impact, movement speed, and unexpected accuracy to new heights. A perfectly deserved price for each winning match is not it.


In the game Bad girls wrestling rumble, you earn bonus points by fighting and earning bonus points through performing tasks every day. This helps you have an outstandingly high score to freely make your favorite point to buy valuable items without looking at the price. Open to you other terrifyingly powerful female characters, an advantage that cannot be ignored. There’s also a way to earn bonus points by watching rewarded videos to unlock new levels and more difficulty in the game.


It brings many rebellious emotions when being proud of a shortfall, and many emotions are alternating between helping you experience a game full of emotions and emotions. Not stopping there, the game also has many surprises with many interesting stories that attract players who cannot pull out. Every day fighting becomes an indispensable mission. Let’s enjoy the great moments with Bad girls wrestling rumble.

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