Game Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Game Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition
Publisher Beamdog
Genre RPG
Size 2.8G
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Update January 12, 2021 (2 months ago)

Baldur’s Gate is a popular game with a large number of 9x generation players – even early 2000s still known generally. It was released in 1998 and received the love of many players at that time. To reach out to the vast majority of players in this 4.0 era, the time that everyone has their own smartphone, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is a miniature version for mobile devices of it. The game was developed and launched by Beamdog, a famous game maker with many RPG-style adventure games. This is a manufacturer with a long life, have for yourself the quality game so you will not have to worry about the game experience to bring. Because this is a remake for mobile devices, everything is optimized in the best way to deliver the best experience. First appeared on mobile platforms in April 2014, promising to revive childhood memories of players. Download Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition now to explore the game’s mysterious world. You will not regret downloading this game.


You will turn into a young man who has an orphan of both his parents and receives the protection of the wizard Gorion, both of them live in an old library of Candlekeep. But then, one night, the magician suddenly ordered the boy to leave this place immediately. While leaving, they were stopped by a mysterious legion, and they asked Gorion to hand the baby over to them. However, Gorion refused, so a fight broke out between the magician and the mysterious army.

The sorcerer Gorion had to sacrifice himself to let the boy flee from the hands of the legion. After escaping, he met an orphan friend who lives at Candlekeep like him. But now Candlekeep’s ancient library is no longer a safe place without Gorion’s protection. This is where the journey of his life begins. He had to adventure on the journey to find the reason for all the above and solve his true identity. During this journey, he had to go through many life and death dangers. Fight in the dark, damp places, where monsters rage everywhere. He will have to be healthy and firm on the road to solving the mysteries and fighting the dark forces behind. The plot of the game is engrossing with many interesting details, so download now to be able to learn more about the game.


To be honest, “Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition” has a very complicated way of playing, for the first time players need to spend nearly 1 hour to be able to get used to the gameplay. Produced a complex but extremely detailed gameplay; you only need to spend time reading the instructions to find it is not too difficult to get used to. The combat system of the game is complicated due to the combination of real-time combat and rotation, so it will be a bit difficult to control smoothly. In the game, you will learn ancient magic to fight or manipulate weapons like swords to fight with monsters. To be able to compete effectively, players need to have a little strategy in controlling the character. There is an alternate fighting style, so players must make smart decisions in using skills to achieve a good effect. Try not to let your character die if you don’t want to lose a lot of gold or have to play again from the nearest save point. Another problem is that the game will not save itself, but we will have to do it manually. Otherwise, you will start from the beginning. Be careful and smart in every area.


The game has two modes that are single-player or multiplayer. The player may decide to join alone or join a team to join. If you go alone, the danger will be higher, but the experience will be more. And if you follow, the safety team will be given priority depending on the preferences of each person to choose different methods.


Because “Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition” is an upgrade of other versions on the PC, there will be more outstanding features.

Character Creation: Players can delight their own character creation with diverse races like Human, Elf … In addition to different races, there are many classes with various roles that you can choose between single and multi-tasking. If the player has only one job, then it will be easier to control and fight. If we select multiple positions, our characters will have more unique abilities as well as more skills. But it will come with some disadvantages of combat control or wondering which skill upgrade to be the strongest. Players can also customize the character index by random selection. Weapons are also something that can be selected when creating a playable character. Players will have to spend a lot of time on this.

Mission & Event System: In the game, there are many different events and characters included such as Neera and the Red Wizards, Path of the Bloodied, Tales of the Sword Coast … numerous events. Interesting and exciting storylines are included in the game. Each event will be accompanied by many different tasks, who will participate in the event will be assigned various jobs by the NPC.

GRAPHICS – Slightly ancient and childhood memories

Although “Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition” has been upgraded compared to the old days on PC for a better experience. But still retains the simple graphics of previous games, with a bit of nostalgia associated with the familiar fighting style. The scene of the events may be the alpine or sky-high mountains where the monsters lurk around. All are recreated inside the game perfectly. Let’s review childhood memories right away.


Combat effects whether by magic or weapon are a bit of a decade ago. With familiar Pixel blocks, it’s no stranger to those who have played PC games. The battle bar is very vivid and matches each action of the character. In the game, there are also appearances of majestic waiting songs, exciting and nervous when playing games.

In summary, this is a game that is worth playing and experiencing. Users will not be disappointed when downloading the game. Although made with the old style of graphics and effects is not as new and smooth as the new games today. But the game has something that no game has, something old and familiar that attracts players. So you do not download immediately “Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition” to have exciting adventure moments with friends and relive memories that seem to have fallen into oblivion.


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