Game BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

Game BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!
Publisher Bushiroad International Pte Ltd_
Genre Music
Size 60M
Latest Version GL: 3.10.0 | JP: 4.10.3
MOD Info Easy Combo
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Update March 2, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

BanG! is a rhythm-based game, so its gameplay requires players to have the skill of timing each music and tapping on them correctly. The task of the player after selecting a song is to complete that song to the best of their ability. Each song will have different capacity and difficulty. Players can experience complicated songs after being confident about their ability in this game. The special thing in this game is that it is not easy for each tap, but the player must coordinate other actions such as hold, slide, and scan. Constantly observe the music that appears from afar and prepare yourself to complete it.

Popular rhythm game in Japan!

The game also has one interesting thing to make players enjoy the combo. If the player tapes all the notes in a combo sequence without being interrupted, the higher the score. At the same time, the combo will also play a huge role in the player’s level evaluation system after completion. Even when a player reaches a certain combo, it will unlock some other exciting things brought about by some songs.



To help people relax with the songs that are popular in the Japanese market, it will include more than 140 songs that are modeled in this game. However, to unlock the whole, the player needs to have a certain amount of progress, the higher the level, the player will unlock some new songs. At the same time, every week, this game will constantly update new songs with random difficulty to challenge players. At the end of each week, a chart will appear, including the songs that are often selected and the players who have a good record in the song. You can also access the community of this game to download songs customized by the player. You can even upload a separate song with the publisher’s special software. Players can find this software on the publisher’s homepage, and it’s free for everyone.


Besides owning unique gameplay, this game will have a separate story for each band. And players will be immersed in an entertaining first story of each girl that players interact with. Even accompany them in the process of becoming a worldwide famous band.


Players will be allowed to interact with each character in a band that the player chooses. It is even possible to train them to be able to perform better on stage. Not only that, but the player can also perform some special actions such as interaction, games, and participating in some band activities, … It can be said that it is similar to a dating game.


To start, players will choose 1 of 5 bands to continue the journey in this game. The special thing is that these five bands will own a number of individual songs out of those 140 songs. But this does not mean that it will prevent players from enjoying songs from other bands. Each band will have a unique style and personality, so players need to choose the band that suits their style.

If you’re a fan of anime and rhythm-based games, then “BanG!” will be an excellent game for you.


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