Game Barbarian: Old School Action RPG

Game Barbarian: Old School Action RPG
Publisher Barbar Games
Genre Action
Size 55M
Latest Version 1.0.1 b100232
MOD Info Unlocked
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Update January 20, 2021 (2 months ago)

The RPG genre has grown strongly and is constantly appearing new variations to entertain players; even their graphics are top-notch for a mobile game. However, many people are always looking for real RPGs that provide a sense of nostalgia and show the element of adventure in a fantasy world. If you match the description, then Barbarian will be the game you are looking for. It’s an old school action RPG, packed with fantasy adventure elements, with a lively and authentic world for you to explore. Moreover, unlike other games, Barbarian: Old School Action RPG has a separate world, has a simple storyline, but emphasizes the element of adventure, causing players to conquer and explore areas while completing the storyline.

Barbarian: Old School Action RPG (MOD, Unlocked)***


Most people know that RPGs have many different gameplay types, making this genre rich and attractive to many players. “Barbarian” will allow players to explore a vast world through a third-person perspective, go around every corner, interact with the environment, hunt, and do quests. It will make players feel like living in a real fantasy world, even building a family and happy to grow old together. The game will also apply various missions, special monsters, an open world with hundreds of locations, diverse weapons, and more for players to collect. The gameplay of the game is different from other games of the same genre but has many distinct characteristics that make the player always feel the fantasy adventure element.

Barbarian: Old School Action RPG (MOD, Unlocked)***


Each RPG has its unique characteristics in graphics, gameplay, and movement or combat mechanics, but “Barbarian” ensures players will experience the smoothest control mechanism that other games don’t have. No matter which weapon players use, the game will have separate functions and interfaces to fight effectively. There is even a target lock feature, which helps players capture every enemy’s action and faster reflexes with a wide field of view. The aiming system of long-range weapons will be improved, helping players to knock down the target no matter the distance quickly. However, the game applies many realistic physics mechanics, like fitness and an interactive environment, making everything more alive and real.

Barbarian: Old School Action RPG (MOD, Unlocked)***


In “Barbarian,” players can go anywhere, do anything, and fight things they interest. However, the interaction with the environment and people is an important factor; it helps players gather more information, receive items, mission progress, and have many more attractive features. Occasionally the player will encounter NPCs along the way, and some of them will have secret surprises for the player. Each location will also have a separate mission system, activities for players to generate income, or the opportunity to explore.

Barbarian: Old School Action RPG (MOD, Unlocked)***


Barbarian doesn’t have any specific character system; everyone is the same and can use any weapon they want. However, players need to have the skills to use weapons and even train or upgrade to use a weapon constantly. The variety of weapons and equipment in this game is a highlight, and players can find weapons everywhere. The character development system also includes a skill system, allowing players to equip some fighting skills to prevail in the battle. Players can also interact with NPCs to get more advice on how to use weapons effectively, they are all around the world, and there will always be much helpful advice.


The world of “Barbarian” has been developed in a genuine and detailed manner; there are even many mysterious locations waiting for players to explore and conquer. There are also many residential areas on the map, where players exchange material, trade, do quests, and even build a new life. Everything in the game is carefully developed, thereby giving a real, lively feeling coming from simple objects. The game’s highlight is not in combat mechanics or gameplay but rather a lively world that has evolved significantly over time.

Barbarian: Old School Action RPG (MOD, Unlocked)***

Barbarians will develop more in the future, including new weapons, activities, worlds, and locations for players to enjoy. But for now, the game has all the basic elements of an RPG and even gives players a real experience of the adventure genre. The player can relax, enjoy the scenery, interact with the NPC, fight, and do whatever they want with this fictional world. Furthermore, a crafting system will also mention, allowing players to craft ordinary items using ingredients found in nature. If you are looking for a classic RPG that can bring you a great experience, then this game is what you are looking for.


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