Game Basketball Club Story
Publisher Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
Genre Simulation, Sports
Size 50M
Latest Version 1.2.4
MOD Info Unlimited All
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Update December 24, 2019 (1 year ago)

Basketball is always one of the passionate sports and is pursued by many young people. It can be said that it is so attractive and so popular that many video games have been created based on this sport. Of course, each game has its own unique characteristics of gameplay and content and attracts a certain number of players. The game that I would like to introduce to you, it is also a newly released game with content, gameplay, and graphics completely different from other games. And I am sure that the experience you have in this game will be as fresh as the way it has played, which is Basketball Club Story. Developed by Kairosoft, the game is a game with compelling content and unique pixel graphics. The game promises to bring you top-notch basketball matches that you can’t find in any other game.


In my opinion, for many long-time gamers, the gameplay of Basketball Club Story will not really create them many difficulties for them. That’s right, unlike other titles where you will have to control each character in a team to win, this game will put you in the position of a leader. As a leader, you will have complete management of your team the way you want, and of course, you should make your team better, not make things worse. When I mention managing a basketball team, that’s when I suggest that you will officially take care of all the issues related to the members of the team in this game. Initially, you will be given a certain number of members to form a basketball team, and your task will be to lead them to find victory through many matches.

Each match will bring you different rewards, and you can ultimately recruit new members with higher stats. Besides, any character in this game can be upgraded. Team members will not only gain experience through matches, but they can also level up by training. When you manage them, you can take them to the gym, where they can exercise. In addition, the game has several other activities that you can explore. Overall, the play of Basketball Club Story is not too tricky and also highly addictive.


Not only gives you compelling gameplay, “Basketball Club Story” has many other attractive features waiting for us to explore.

Lots of special characters

To create a perfect basketball team at your disposal, the developer of this game has brought us a lot of special characters. As I mentioned, you will not be able to get elite members in the first place, only when you gain experience and receive awards in many different matches can you recruit into new tablets.

A unique game with eye-catching graphics

Perhaps many gamers will like the “Basketball Club Story”, where you can interact and order the characters while they are playing. Not only that, but you can also position the members on the field to create a perfect strategy. Besides, your gaming experience will definitely increase after seeing simple pixel graphics. Nowadays, as technology develops, we don’t really find games developed in pixel graphics. So, this graphic background will appeal to any gamer who has a good impression of it.

So do you like “Basketball Club Story”? Download it to your phone now to experience it.

MOD Info?

Unlimited Money (increase instead of decrease)
Unlimited Hearts (never decrease,you still need the corresponding amount)
Unlimited Drill Points (never decrease,you still need the corresponding amount)
Unlimited Shopping Points (never decrease,you still need the corresponding amount)
Unlimited Stamina (never decrease)
Unlocked FastMode (game speed x2)