Game Battle Prime

Game Battle Prime
Publisher BlitzTeam LLC
Genre Action
Size 1.2G
Latest Version 6.0
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Update October 31, 2020 (4 months ago)

TPS shooters are probably no longer something too strange for players around the world anymore. In the history of the worldwide gaming industry, many games of this type have been released. Typical of which is “Max Payne”, “Resident Evil 4,” … among them are the famous titles previously on the PC platform. But there are not too many titles of this genre available on the mobile platform for players to experience. But if players want to get the experience of this game line right on the mobile platform.

Then introduce the newly released game Battle Prime here as a game developed by Blitz Team LLC. This is a publisher probably not so famous for players across the globe. But for this game, it is sure that this publisher will receive much of the players’ awareness. Because this game will give users a great experience with stunning graphics so that it will bring players vivid battles so that players can experience the feeling of shooting exceptionally well, not inferior to PC games.


The gameplay of the game is similar to other shooting games on the market today, and players will have to control their characters to destroy the enemies. But his mission will not be to destroy all enemies or remove bombs to gain victory. The mission of this game will be very new for players to experience, which is to occupy points on the map. This is the only way to win when the player participates in this game, not just destroy many enemies to win the match. In each game, there will be three different locations on the map marked as A, B, C, respectively. And the player’s task will be to take all those points to get more points, the more locations a player has, the faster the score will increase.

To capture those locations for your side, the player needs to go to the marked area and then automatically take that place. But if an enemy is standing in it, you have to destroy the enemy first to be able to capture. So players will not need to fight too much, just sneaky to occupy the marked location will easily win. But fighting skills will be an essential thing because the player will also sometimes need to fight with other enemies for his life. But if, unfortunately, players are killed, there is no need to worry too much because, after death, the player will only take a few seconds to be able to revive. So players can fight freely without worrying about anything.



Players will be participating in a match six vs. six extremely nervous and fierce. The duration of the match usually will not last too long, so players will not need to worry about not having enough time to be able to complete the match. The length of the game depends on which team will complete the previous task, and each side will have to fight to win the marked location. The team that achieves the 1000 points will win the game.

Choosing Prime

The unique thing about the game is that there are many characters for the player to choose from. Each character will have a different ability for themselves, and players will need to have some tactics to match their character. If the player wants to have fast movement speed to be able to perform guerrilla fighting style, then use Flash. If the player wants to have high power and abundant HP, then choose Hulk to be able to rush to the front line to fight the enemy.

Large arsenal

In the game, there are many different guns that players can use to take down all those in your way to the top of glory. There will be many different guns divided into different categories, such as Assault Rifle, Sniper, Machine Gun … All will have different advantages and disadvantages for players to choose to match the battle. Art and achieve the best results:


Battle Prime has excellent graphics quality, is considered to be comparable to the games on the PC or Console platform, bringing to people Play the best experience. Players will not be able to feel frustrated about what this game brings to the player.


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