Game Battlepalooza

Game Battlepalooza
Publisher nWay Inc.
Genre Action
Size 997M
Latest Version 1.4.0
Get it On Google Play (Android games)
Update March 11, 2021 (3 days ago)

New and upcoming releasing games in the future are all perfect combinations of previous generations, continually giving players lots of fun to explore and enjoy, whether alone or with friends. Simple examples are battle royale or top-down perspective games; the next-generation games will use the available elements but simplified and friendly for all ages. To symbolize the above primary factors, Battlepalooza perfectly matches today’s famous elements, even using vivid 3D graphics to build worlds and gameplay. The most impressive thing about the game is that it will use google maps to simulate famous places and become battlefields for players.


Many games often build separate maps using built-in graphics, but that’s different from Battlepalooza. The game will use Google Data, then rebuild famous places or cities, like Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, etc. All maps of the game are built with fine details, whether it’s roads or surrounding buildings. The game will also apply some cyberpunk art to make the battleground more intriguing and give players new experiences with maps and the environment.


The core of’s gameplay Battlepalooza is Battle Royale, a genre that is becoming prominent and trending on today’s market platforms. The game will also add many unique elements to suit all players’ ages, whether it’s graphics, weapons, rules, environment, and characters. Conversely, the game’s tempo and duration will become shorter, up to a level of 24 contestants but only 1 to survive. The game will introduce more attractive game modes in the future, and friends or teams feature to entertain players. Comes with gameplay are rich systems, ranging from weapons, characters, rewards, leaderboards, and more. The game ensures players enjoy endless fun from its gameplay, battlegrounds, and vibrant features.


Battlepalooza will apply the familiar top-down control mechanism, combined with many features to help players have the best control experience. Moreover, the top-down view will help the player have a better perspective, and at the same time, have higher accuracy with many types of weapons. The same with control mechanisms will be diverse for each selected character type when each character’s skill system is different and decadent. Besides, the game does not focus on individual skills. Still, the player must coordinate with the enemy or have an effective strategy to win easily, not by relying on reflexes. Although the battlefield is limited to only 24 contestants, taking down an enemy requires more than aim and shoot.


The Battle Royale mechanism has become too familiar to everyone, as all players start with the same condition, then search for weapons or equipment scattered all over the map. Furthermore, the game will appear in random circles on the map and gradually shrink to limit all players’ battlefield. Thus, randomness plays a big part in the gameplay, and even players may be lucky enough to pick up powerful equipment. The battle will get more engaging over time, as the number of enemies is reduced and powerful equipment will continuously appear for players to build strategies.


Battlepalooza’s rewards system is generous and always a priority for survivors, even with a chance to get rare gears to stand out in the midst of battle. Players will be introduced to the loot box mechanism, a type of random reward that comes from rewards with different rarities. Depending on the player’s ranking, the game will reward them loot boxes with high rarity, which are easier to unlock more rewards than lower loot boxes. In the future, the game will update with more attractive prizes, including weapon skins, costumes, characters, and many upgraded parts for players to unlock or collect.


If you are looking for a great game to relax with your friends, Battlepalooza can be a perfect choice. It possesses entertaining gameplay, with outrageous characters and great graphics, accompanied by many attractive game modes besides Battle Royale. Furthermore, players can team up with friends and participate in duos or trios matches. The game’s fun will be even more impressive if players enjoy it with friends in its immersive gameplay and features. Battlepalooza is currently still in the development stage, so it will update with new content in the future to entertain players. Furthermore, it will focus on entertainment development over other factors while making gameplay friendly for all ages and emphasizes skill or team coordination to earn moral victories.

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