Game Ben 10 – Omnitrix Hero: Aliens vs Robots

Game Ben 10 – Omnitrix Hero: Aliens vs Robots
Publisher Cartoon Network EMEA
Genre Strategy
Size 42M
Latest Version 1.0.6
MOD Info Menu / Unlocked All
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OS Android Games

Ben Tennyson is one of the most popular cartoon characters of the last decade. Until now, Ben10 is still being shown daily on popular channels, such as Cartoon Network for example. This boy is still the main character of many related entertainment products because of such an attractive and comprehensive coverage. You can try Ben 10 – Omnitrix Hero: Aliens vs. Robots, one of the games released by CN itself on many platforms. With simple yet unique gameplay, it will give you genuinely engaging adventures.

STEAMBOT – The first challenge

Participating in this war, players hope to play the character they like and fight with great villains. Indeed, those matches will slowly take place throughout Ben’s journey. However, how can you truly have enough power to fight powerful enemies? Control your character to fight steamboats. They are robots that Steam Smythe has just invented. The strength of the bots is relatively weak, with not very serious damage. However, they are an opportunity for you to practice your own fighting ability. Players need to master the fighting style of each character they own. Fighting steamboat allows you to experiment with operating a match, balanced by factors to keep the full HP before meeting the boss. Besides, fighting them also gives you a stable amount of EXP and gold coins. These types of resources are the core of your success in the future.


If you’ve ever played action fighting games of this type, you will find them extremely difficult. The character will have to learn a lot of combos to fight effectively. However, in Ben 10 – Omnitrix Hero: Aliens vs. Robots, you only need 2 taps and swipes to fight effectively. This fighting style is very suitable for children to play, but actually, adults can also play this game to relieve stress very well.

First, you just need to swipe the screen to the right so that the character continues to move forward. This only happens when you have won a wave and need to rush towards the next enemy. On the way will drop some gold coins for you to pick them up. After encountering an enemy, players only need to use tap operation to fight. Please tap on the right side of the screen, where the enemy is standing, and you will attack them. Conversely, tap on the left side of the screen, which is where you are ready to fight, then you will defend. Combining two movements like that is able to resist.


A match will be affected by several factors that make you continually improve your skills. First, you need to know that it only takes 2 minutes to get to the final wave. There, you will have to confront the boss. To win, you must defeat all enemies within the allotted time. So, you absolutely cannot prolong the match or spend too much time in a steambot.
In addition to the time factor, you are also affected by two stats, HP and stamina. HP is the stamina limit you can go through during a long battle. If you spend too much HP before meeting the boss through many waves, it is really a huge disadvantage. Besides, stamina is a measure that limits your actions. Every attack or defense you take up consumes stamina. The continuous attack is fine, but it will quickly exhaust you and standstill if you don’t defend against it. This also means allowing your opponent to attack you freely. A good player will know how to attack-defend-rest regularly so that he can attack the enemy the most and lose the least HP. When you meet a boss with a full HP bar, the odds of winning will be significantly increased.


Indeed, Ben 10 – Omnitrix Hero: Aliens vs. Robots offers many different characters to choose from. First, with the many variations of Ben 10, players can collect them. The feeling of fighting in my favorite form is exhilarating. Each of these characters has different fighting skills and power maneuvers. So, practice with them a lot before going to the real arena. Store a lot of gold coins to buy them in the store.


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