Publisher Hasbro Inc.
Genre Action, RPG
Size 675M
Latest Version 9.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Unlocked
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Update March 1, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

The spinning top is a game Folk play of many countries in the world that allows players to control a tool and make it rotate many times, the ground. Generally for entertainment purposes only. But later, a Japanese comic book author created a game in his manga/anime series, modeled after that traditional game. The Beyblade made a lot of audiences from 1999 to 2004. Then after the series stopped, more than 10 years later, there were people who developed it. In 2015, BEYBLADE BURST was released, one of the all-new anime, inheriting only the Beyblade rules. However, it also attracted a lot of audiences.

Create, customize and battle your BEYBLADE BURST tops

After that, BEYBLADE BURST released the game to allow players to experience everything that happens in the anime. It has made viewers all over the world excited and achieved a huge amount of revenue from Google Play. Until now, BEYBLADE BURST has earned 10 million downloads for itself and is still growing. Content in the game is of course updated regularly. Besides, the game is attractive to many players because it supports an extensive online multiplayer network. When you entered the game, there was a chance to fight against opponents in more than 90 countries worldwide with leaderboards, personalized profiles, an enhanced digital top selection and the capability of earning achievements. In general, the game focuses on antagonistic experience, so competition is very high, if you are a Beyblade fan, you should not ignore it.

Create a league, invite your friends, and BATTLE

It’s very special because it is a fantasy game, so everything is not too binding. But it still has its own operating mechanisms. You will control a Beyblade and have to make it rotate on your axis by creating momentum for it with a special device. Later, the Beyblades will rush into each other and rub against each other until they knock the opponent out of the ring. With such simple competition rules, it is influenced by many elements of the control device. Players can use their rewards to unlock many dominant types to be able to fight with many players around the world. Besides, if you win challenging matches, you will unlock virtual pieces to enhance the power of your Beyblades.

The attraction of BEYBLADE BURST is that you can invite your friends to form a league and fight with many other teams. Players do not have to compete alone and small solo matches, everything will be prepared to create a long tournament. You will take part in a competition and play until you reach the championship after many heated confrontations. Besides, you can also choose a SEASON to play depending on the length you want. Season length of 1 day, one week, or 1 month are available in the game for you to choose and experience.

BEYBLADE BURST offers two modes for you to upgrade your position on the game’s rankings. The COMPETE ONLINE WITH DIGITAL BATTLES mode means that you will be fighting against people on the internet, COMPETE FACE-TO-FACE WITH TOY BATTLES is a real battle, and then the player will update the score on this app. In general, any game rules are the same.

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