Game Bid Wars – Storage Auctions

Game Bid Wars – Storage Auctions
Publisher Tapps Games
Genre Simulation
Size 135M
Latest Version 2.40
MOD Info Unlimited Cash/Coins
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Update January 28, 2021 (1 month ago)

Storage Wars is a reality show from the US, and the purpose of the show is to auction old warehouses to get rich from the items in them. This new show attracted the attention of many viewers, and gradually it became famous. More and more games are simulating this theme to launch games to attract players. Among the many titles, there is a name that has received the attention of players, which is Bid Wars. This game gives players the most authentic experience, and many more similar games have ever been released. If you want to become the owner of an antique store, this is the game for you.

Bid Wars - Storage Auctions (MOD Cash & Coins)

Participate in auctions

There are also many types of auction, be it auctioning antiques, land, items, and many other things, and each auction gets the attention of many people. In the Storage Wars, it’s not about the auction of those things, but the auction of the warehouses. In the US, there is a form of renting storage so that tenants can store their stuff in it. But if the tenant has not paid the rent for more than three months, the owner can open an auction to discuss the things in it and make money. When coming to the game, you not only watched via the screen but also participated in that auction to become the winner. The game has succeeded in providing unique feelings about the auction and opening the stores to the player. Players will be able to experience that feeling for themselves, not just through the TV screen.

Bid Wars - Storage Auctions (MOD Cash & Coins)

Warehouse auction

The goal of the player when coming to the game is to use the smallest amount to earn the largest amount through the warehouse auction. But to achieve that goal is not easy, just making money is enough for players to feel proud of themselves. If you want to win, the amount that players spend must exceed the amount spent by the opponent to win. But once you use your money, you need to use it correctly to make a profit. Players need to know where the warehouse will bring interest to use the money to buy it. So before deciding to buy something, the player has a few seconds to look inside.

Bid Wars - Storage Auctions (MOD Cash & Coins)

During that time, the player can judge the price of something to know if it is worth buying. If it can be profitable for the player, spend money to buy it and make a profit. But if you think that there are only worthless things, don’t bid and wait for the next warehouse to buy. But that is only the judgment of the player only; until we touch it, we can decide all. There are also many hidden things in the warehouse, and with luck, you can still find a lot of precious antiques for sale. If the player uses too much money to buy a warehouse, but there is nothing valuable in it, you will lose.

Bid Wars - Storage Auctions (MOD Cash & Coins)

Competing with the competition

If you think it can be easy to have storage, then it is entirely incorrect; if you want to get it, you have to face many difficulties. When an auction is held, the player will have to fight three other people to own a warehouse. The condition to win is that the amount the player offers must be higher than your opponent. Each bid will take turns bidding until everyone gives up, and only one person wins. If the player determines something of value, it can cost a lot of money to buy. When just started, the game will give players $ 1000 to start a business. With that small number, players can earn a lot of money and develop their stores.

Bid Wars - Storage Auctions (MOD Cash & Coins)

Displaying items for sale

Once you own the items in the warehouse, the player will give them to the store to sell them. The truck is the vehicle that the game provides to the player to transport items to the store. But each time, players can only bring back a certain number of items, and the rest must be sold here. The things players decide to bring will be high value and can make more money when sold in the store. Players only need to sell them on their booths for customers to buy.

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