Game Bio Inc. Nemesis – Plague Doctors

Game Bio Inc. Nemesis – Plague Doctors
Publisher DryGin Studios
Genre Simulation, Strategy
Size 61M
Latest Version 1.60.594
MOD Info BOT Dumb
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Update July 24, 2020 (8 months ago)

Doctors are the people who play an essential role in our lives; every day, they have to fight with many diseases to save patients. Rather, every doctor must fight death every day to bring life to their patients. But this is the words of many people, not the doctors who will fight literally, but only try to save their patients. In honour of the doctors who dedicate themselves to the Medical of the world, many game makers have brought the theme of Medical into their games for players to experience. But today I will give players a very interesting game, talking about the battle of the doctors to help their patients.

The game I’m talking about is Bio Inc. Nemesis, a game by a famous producer Dry Gin Studios. This studio has also released many well-known games, for example, that is part 1 of this game, which is Bio Inc. When players come to this game, the player will experience a lot of new feelings about the familiar doctors. The fight between factions to save the sick has begun.


In a city of the future, when human science and technology has developed to a very high level, it makes treatment a lot easier. In a big hospital in the city, where there are many talented doctors. But not everyone has the purpose of saving his patients; there are some doctors who always want to kill patients of your hospital. That person is a doctor of another hospital called Dr.Hamstain, he, along with other doctors of his hospital, wanted to sabotage the reputation of the player’s hospital by seeking to kill all the patients. Find a way to stop him at all costs to protect the lives of our patients.

A simulator game where you will become “Plague Doctors”

Many players love to appreciate it because the gameplay of this game will cause doctors to fight. Players will have to use the skills of a doctor to cure and compete with the doctors of the rival hospital who wants to kill patients. Bad doctors will find a way to make patients seriously ill that will make them die. But the task of the player will be the opposite of that, and the player will have a duty to prevent all those evil-intentional doctors from protecting the safety of the victim. At the beginning of the stage, the player will be engaged in tactical battles to fight with the bad doctors of the rival hospital. They will try to attack the patient’s body with their illnesses or habits, causing them to have negative thoughts, and their bodies become weak. Players will use their medical skills to impact the patient’s nervous system and body to make them better.

Use reasonable tactics

When an enemy attacks a location, that position will display a red bar, representing the opponent, and when that bar is full, the player will lose HP, and the patient will die. But the player can prevent this by curing them, the player’s bar will be the blue bar. If the player’s blue bar is full, the player will cause the opponent to lose HP when the opponent’s HP returns to 0, and the player will win. There will be some parts connected if the player can connect them to 3 items, the player will cause the opponent to lose more HP. But the opponent will not let the player do that, so players will need to have a reasonable strategy to be able to do it.

Healing Method & Upgrades

Even, in reality, there are many ways to cure a person and also spiritual methods. So in this game, the player has doctors who use many different methods to curse the sick. There will be doctors who use spiritual methods, and some others will use advanced technologies. But all have the same purpose that is healing their patients. Players can collect and train the doctors their hospital has to make them better and cure more illnesses. This will make playing easy play against the evil doctor of the rival hospital.


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