Game BitLife – Life Simulator

Game BitLife – Life Simulator
Publisher Candywriter
Genre Simulation
Size 102M
Latest Version 1.35.2
MOD Info Purchased Bitizenship
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Update February 16, 2021 (4 weeks ago)

Have you ever thought your life could change? Do you want to delete all the bad stories in the past that happened to you? Let’s throw them through the window. That heap will no longer be yours and you will be completely reborn and start a new life today. It sounds fictional, right? But that will be completely true in the game BitLife – Life Simulator. How will you live your new life? What is its direction? That will still depend on you.

BitLife - Life Simulator (MOD, Bitizenship Unlocked)

Live your best (or worst) life

BitLife is a life simulation game in which you will start with a new life of your own and build a healthy lifestyle or even become a criminal and live an evils lifestyle. Depending on how you choose, you can lead to an end, a different way of life. It is you who will decide that path for yourself until you die. In this game, you will have to think to choose yourself the right path by choosing different lines or actions. Each of your choices will come to an unpredicted ending and will have to face the consequences of that choice itself. Build your own path and start a whole new life right now.

BitLife - Life Simulator (MOD, Bitizenship Unlocked)

What will your new life in BitLife look like?

Starting a new life you will be a child and the game will give you some information about that child such as name, age, nationality, gender … Also as a newborn, there will be some basic indicators such as Happiness, Health, Smarts, Looks. These indicators will be a significant influence on your current life. After that, the child is brought up, he will begin to be taught and go to school like everyone else. At this point, you will begin to build yourself a life based on the method of choosing the different manners in the game. After reaching adulthood, you can also look for a stable job to earn income for yourself or maybe find the one who by your side for the rest of the lifetime.

BitLife - Life Simulator (MOD, Bitizenship Unlocked)

Not only that, in this game you can depend on your luck too. Will your good luck be shown through cosmetic surgery or confession to the person whether it will succeed or not? If you are lucky enough, you can also win lottery tickets and become a famous billionaire with that large amount of money you can do a lot more. In addition, you can do bad deeds to become a notorious criminal such as robbing a car, pickpocketing or assassinating someone, the consequences of what you have done will be fully responsible before the law. That is the rule. If you commit one of the evils, you will be punished with a fine or imprisonment and there will be nothing you can do during your time in prison.

BitLife is a game that tends to simulate the current life, the truths in everyday life will be encapsulated in the story of this game. With a simple design and easy-to-understand manners will be a strong point to help players more accessible and attract a large number of players from around the world.

BitLife - Life Simulator (MOD, Bitizenship Unlocked)

Good features in the game

The game includes many features such as property management, relationship management along with activities that you can do in the game such as: going to the doctor, going to the casino, learning driver’s license … With these cool functions, players will have to interact a lot with the game as the main character to build themselves a separate, orienting life the way you want. The man or a woman of your dreams, having a baby together, and choosing for yourself a good job in your direction.

BitLife - Life Simulator (MOD, Bitizenship Unlocked)

Is this a charge game?

The game is completely free to download, so anyone can easily experience it. You can become a VIP member by buying an in-game package for $4.99 to support the producer. In addition, after becoming a VIP, during the game you will not encounter any ads and any special functions in the game will also be unlocked without you having to see any ads. BitLife is a simulation game of life and highly educational, creating a playground with countless irony but completely real situations and happening in daily life. You will be the one who decides the appearance of the child is you in the game because its life is up to you.


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