Game Bitter End

Game Bitter End
Publisher Royal Ark. We craft best action games every day
Genre Action
Size 650MB
Latest Version 0.1.3
MOD Info One Hit
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Update October 21, 2019 (1 year ago)

Are you a long-term fan of the shooting video games? Have you ever wanted to experience the top-notch shooter games like Paladins, Fortnite, … right on your phone? You really want to play such games but the configuration of your low model phone does not allow? Then the Bitter End game will meet all your needs.

Infinite capabilities for expressing yourself

This is a game of real-time shooting genre from the first-person perspective on mobile platforms. The game will give you a shooting experience no different from the blockbuster games that are storming today. The game has a great good move that owns for itself very nice graphics but also very light, compatible with most phones in the lower middle segment or above. This makes the majority of mobile phone users have access to this game. You can clearly see the sun shining on your weapons to the trivial details on the map such as rolling trunks, stains, scratches on the walls of abandoned, houses … all designed very meticulously and in every single bit.

Starting the game takes you to a character creation system. You can choose any of the fourteen characters between the sexes and complete three different colored races: White, yellow and black. This shows that the developer has well expressed the idea of ​​gender equality and regardless of race. Players of all genders, all races can equally create their own character with their own identity. After the character creation process is complete, you will immediately be taken to the battlefield to fight with other comrades. You will fight alongside other players from around the world. You do not need sophisticated instructions and even any time to learn how to play at all.

The way to play the game can perfect it generated because the interface of the game is extremely easy to understand, even for a child. To destroy the enemy, you just need to aim and shoot. Drag the screen to change the view like most shooting games on other phones. A unique feature of the game is that you will own an endless amount of ammo, you will never have to worry about your gun running out of bullets. When the battle is over, you will receive rewards worthy of the victories you have achieved. Amongst those rewards will definitely be bonuses. And what do you think like a soldier what do you do with that money? Buy new weapons only!

A huge variety of different weapons

The equipment system of the game is also very rich and diverse. You are free to choose between dozens of guns with different styles, functions, special effects. The unique feature of the equipment system is that you have to buy guns in the direction of the fork. First, you will get an M160 machine gun and a Small Bro pistol. From the M160, you can choose to buy between one of two separate guns, as is the case with the Small Bro pistol. Mechanism and upgrade weapons in this unique branching style will give you an interesting feeling during your gun collection process.

Breathtaking graphics

In the game, there is a small town, set in a remnant of civilization. Here you can walk around the town to buy items, weapons and meet other players. Relaxing a little after intense battles is always a bad idea, isn’t it? Everyone can meet and chat with each other through the game’s chat system. You can wave to them, or more politely you can give your character bow to pay respect to other players. You can meet your friends to exchange information in this town. It is this feature that inadvertently makes the game look like a new type of social network that everyone is under the fictional 3D characters. Because this town is still under construction, you still cannot go around many places here. However, in the near future, this town will be expanded larger than ever.

Overall, Bitter End is a very good shooting game for all players using their smartphones. The game is somewhat influenced by Fortnite and Paladins because of its fascinating graphics. The developer has successfully connected all players together through the in-game town-building, helping all players around the world become closer.


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