Game Blade Bound

Game Blade Bound
Publisher Artifex Mundi
Genre RPG
Size 860M
Latest Version 2.13.7
MOD Info One Hit/No Skill CD
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Update March 10, 2021 (3 days ago)

The legendary game Diablo is a viral game on the PC platform and is liked by many players. But the game is only available on the PC platform and not on other platforms, so many players want to experience the game on the mobile platform. But that hasn’t been true so far, so why do players come up with similar games to play? There are many games like this, making players not sure which game to choose, so today I will give players the best game, which is Blade Bound. This game will provide players with a great experience, surpassing many other ARPG titles on the market. Blade Bound (MOD, Unlimited Skills) The story of the game begins when Betrayer’s army has come to invade the Shattered Lands. He succeeded in causing the human world to be in turmoil, and there were a lot of people dying to stop but still failed. Players will play the guardian of the Bladebound Order, who has just returned to the Shattered Lands after a thousand years of wandering outside. This time, he has the strength and determination to defeat the army of Betrayer. But despite having enough power, there will still be a lot of difficulties when fighting alone. That’s why he needs the help of the player to destroy Betrayer and his army.

Blade Bound (MOD, Unlimited Skills)

Unique gameplay, bringing new things

Unlike other games on the market, the game does not have virtual keys for players to use to control the character. So how do players control their characters? It is to use your finger to swipe or press on the screen to control or attack the monster. To move, the player will use the finger to specify the location, and the character will move there. As for the attack, players will see on the right corner will have skills along with the drawings below it. Players will draw figures corresponding to the ability so that the character can use that skill. This style of play may seem a lot more complicated, but if players get used to it, they will find it very interesting to fight with a new style. Blade Bound (MOD, Unlimited Skills)

Equipment system

One of the essential things for an RPG game is the equipment of the player; it is the thing that will help players increase their power. In the game, there will also be many types of equipment that players can use. Players can earn weapons by destroying monsters or bosses. Also, there is another way that is the task that the game offers, but doing so will take a lot more time. Later on, the bosses will become stronger, so players need to upgrade their weapons to become stronger. Blade Bound (MOD, Unlimited Skills)

Diverse skill trees

Besides equipment, skills are the ones that play an important role in destroying enemies, so players need to upgrade them. As players level up, they will unlock many more powerful skills to fight the enemy. But the stronger the skill is, the more complex the lines are, and the longer it will take to recover.


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