Publisher PGSoul
Genre RPG
Size 2G
Latest Version 6.0.4
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Update January 10, 2021 (2 months ago)

If a fan of JRPG genre, you probably know the famous Final Fantasy series developed by Square Enix. However, nowadays Anime graphics and story building structures of these games have become popular and you want to look for something new? BLADE OF GOD is what you are looking for. This is a European-style JRPG game, built from fantasy elements and stories about Greek mythology. However, its development direction focuses on improving the characters’ strength and exploring levels. Do some comments suggest that BLADE OF GOD is quite similar to God of War but is it really true? Let’s learn some features and draw answers for yourself.



Ola is a peaceful continent ruled by the Goddess and protected. During the past 300 years, the Goddess has fallen deeply asleep and this makes the Demon King monsters think she is really dead. They kidnapped Guinevere – the last descendant of the Goddess with the purpose of using the gods’ blood to revive the god sword, opening the era for the dark forces. Once the Demon King has done the plan, it was also Ola’s apocalypse, people were engulfed in darkness and suffering while becoming slaves to the demons. You are assigned to protect Ola, pick up weapons and protect the people you love.

Dark epic action game

The control mechanism of BLADE OF GOD is intuitive and easy to use. Players will perform combat operations, move and create damage combos on enemies with neatly designed virtual keys in the lower two corners of the screen. Although the mission system is designed quite specifically, with the scenarios available for players to execute and explore the plot, this is not required. Just a sword, the player can explore the map and comfortably kill the monsters that are appearing everywhere. However, to level up faster, have more valuable items to improve characters and unlock new maps, players should do the task, which is encouraged.


In addition, the game also regularly organizes boss hunting events for gamers to show their fighting ability after a long period of practice. It also offers the opportunity to own rare and valuable equipment. It’s hard to miss.

Character System

Besides being able to customize the appearance, the character in BLADE OF GOD is also designed based on the class system, including 3 main classes: Warrior, Wizard, and Summoner. In particular, the characters of each different class will have a development process of different strengths, and also have different combat skills and special abilities. With Warriors, characters have strong, flexible fighting abilities and can destroy a large number of enemies quickly. Meanwhile, magicians can recover blood, Mana and cause magic effects on the enemy, causing them to die in pain. While Summoner is quite stable, when the attack speed of the characters of this class is quite high, and the defense ability is perfectly designed, reducing a considerable amount of damage. I do not give advice on character selection. Ask yourself, which way do you want to develop the character and what kind of play is appropriate for you.


In addition to class design, the character is also designed system-level and attributes. In the course of the fighting and performing missions, the character automatically absorbs experience points to level up, while unlocking new maps and new features and paving the way for character development. From there, you can use external items like armor or weapons, unlock new skills and upgrade them to improve attribute points: Attack, Defense, Crit, Speed. This process is inevitable, although the scripts have been built in advance most depend on the customization of the player. If want to overcome dangerous Dungeons or win a battle when fighting powerful bosses, the character must be met in terms of strength and skill.



As you can see, BLADE OF GOD is developed on 3D graphics platform, with extremely beautiful designs. First of all, there is no need to comment on the design of the scenery, objects, and characters, the color part is too excellent. The design team was very sophisticated in choosing colors, creating a mysterious, dark space, intermingling with dangers. As for the scenery and the characters, they are designed in a classic style, bringing myths to monsters such as giant spiders, fire dragons, monsters and 3 heads of 6 hands, …. new, but the birth of BLADE OF GOD is a slap causing pain to the same genre of JRPG games, as it is a better choice for players. Temporarily let go of the fatigue and let them rest, and you go into this game and kill the raging monsters everywhere.


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