Game Blade Runner 2049

Game Blade Runner 2049
Publisher Next Games
Genre RPG
Size 65MB
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Update August 22, 2018 (3 years ago)

Blade Runner 2049 is the best film of all time. Can Next Games bring this game to everyone?

The success of a game comes from many elements such as gameplay, graphics, and story. Nowadays, almost all games with great investment and professional design team always have high-quality graphics. Both 3D and 2D formats have weekly blockbusters that are released weekly so that players are waiting to be entertained. Also, the basic gameplay now seems to be leveling off, with little change because they are beginning to mix and dissolve into the game series combines many elements. Only one thing is changed and not the same for all games, that is the story of it. Content throughout the story is the core determinant of the development of the game. Because you play the game, the task system must be consistent with the original plot; graphics must also show the trend of the game.

Role-playing games have in-depth content

The content of the game is rich in all the contexts that people can think of. From myths, fictions, heroes to real-life games like farming or building cities. The player does not love the game, depending on the speed of the manufacturer’s grasp. Most new games are built on existing stories. Anime is the most noted, the novel or movie is also the object is exploited next to the game is composed of separate content.

Robot AI with humans

Recently, a fictional film with a very new social scene has just been released in theatres. Blade Runner was adapted from a previous novel, but the content was too dark to make it less noticeable. The nature of the neo-noir film is exceptionally picky viewers who should understand the content of it will certainly admiration all related publications. And in response to the expectations of fans, Next Games has designed a game that takes the image and copyright of the story directly from it. Blade Runner 2049 came out a long time after the publisher poured a lot of passion into transforming a deep story into a game that conveyed the story of the author.

What is the winner?

Based on a fictional story about the future of man in 2019, humans were so advanced that they could create artificial human beings to serve their own purposes. All of these products are in their power and serve as biological machines. But they began to have feelings, and a group began to counteract. You are tasked to destroy them as the main character in this series.

Players are given the ability to control a team of three with distinct strengths. In the battle, you will monitor each of them with 3 skills available in the right corner of the screen. After you finish the attack, your opponent will attack. Battle only ends when a party is wrecked.


3D graphics of the game with brilliant colors like those seen in the movie. Bright lights mixed with the dark corner to create a picture of social harmony and the best possible. The battle in the game is well portrayed in its character in the film and even close to the details of the novel. It will probably be a game worth a try in this time.

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