Game Brave Conquest

Game Brave Conquest
Publisher IGG.COM
Genre Strategy
Size 462MB
Latest Version 1.4.1
MOD Info Damage/Defense
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Update October 26, 2019 (1 year ago)

IGG is a company that researches and develops games on two platforms: web and mobile. So far, mobile games are the best products of IGG, such as Lords Mobile, Castle Clash, Kingdoms Mobile, Clash of Lords, Battle Mobile, Deck Heroes, Gods War Online, and Galaxy Online. … IGG focuses on research on tactical games, which are simple and attractive. Recently, IGG has also released another strategy game: Brave Conquest. Similar to other games, Brave Conquest is completely free, users can download it without paying any costs.


Brave Conquest builds context in a legendary kingdom, where the most powerful warriors are born of blood and fire. Since ancient times, your kingdom has become famous for its rare gold and diamond resources. That has attracted the attention of neighboring kingdoms. They have invaded your kingdom in the past, and those dangers have never ended. As the head of the kingdom, you need to protect your kingdom and make it the most powerful empire.

Build a powerful kingdom

As soon as they join the game, players will start with construction activities, resource management, and army forces. First, players need to build housing areas for citizens. After a while, the kingdom will have more citizens and players can assign them to you to perform various tasks such as collecting lots of resources and participating in the construction process. After that, the player needs to build an army to protect his territory from enemies who intend to invade your kingdom and take away valuable items. In order to be able to recruit soldiers, players need to build barracks corresponding to military units: Cavalry, archers, gladiators or dragon training camps. In it, dragons are good defensive units that you need to pay attention to.

During the construction of the kingdom, you will continuously consume resources to build buildings and upgrade your army. Therefore, you need a stable economy to support the military, so they have more power.
You need to build farms and workshops for citizens to produce resources. If your kingdom has fewer citizens, build houses to get more citizens. If citizens lack food, you can build more farms, and provide other services if they need it. When your kingdom has more citizens, they will work and give your kingdom more resources to maintain the army.

Military units are diverse

Brave Conquest has a lot of different army units for you to recruit. Each unit has a different class and you need to recruit the appropriate units to create the best strategy to win the war. Power is not the only factor to win because the army will need your tactical supervision to achieve victory. War has never been easy and the best troops can be defeated if the commander of the army is not smart enough. Players can challenge themselves with many other game modes such as Warring Court, Arena and Kingdom War. Take part in these endless battles, demonstrate your own excellent tactics to create great victories.

In addition to fighting enemies from other kingdoms, you will also face hideous monsters. The land that your kingdom is reigning is not entirely safe by monsters everywhere in nature. They can eat your citizens and make it difficult to produce resources. Therefore, you need to destroy them with military power to bring peace to the kingdom. If you can destroy these monsters, you will have a chance to receive precious items.

Join battles with other players

Brave Conquest has millions of players online, so you’ll never find yourself alone in this world. You can team up with your friends to fight monsters, or compete with other players to take the lead in the ranking system. In competitive mode, you and the enemy can attack the enemy base and loot the spoils. This is the best chance for you to conquer other kingdoms and win the last throne in Brave Conquest. Don’t miss it!

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