Game Bright Memory Mobile

Game Bright Memory Mobile
Publisher FYQD Studio
Genre Action
Size 1G
Latest Version 1.01
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Update January 14, 2020 (1 year ago)

Players probably will not be new to FPS games anymore, and this is a genre that has existed a long time ago. There have also been titles in this genre that become the monument of the worldwide gaming market. Typical of them is the cult series “Half-Life”, “CS: GO” … at the moment there are also quite some popular titles such as “Overwatch”. Coming to FPS games, players will experience the feeling of great shooting and participate in extremely fierce battles. So are you a fan of this game genre or not?

Let’s come to the game that has just been launched on the mobile platform, which is Bright Memory from manufacturer FYQD Studio. Correctly speaking, this game was developed by a single person and the person who founded this company, which is Zeng Xiancheng. This person is both the director of FYQD Studio and the only employee of this company. Previously, the game was once very successful on the PC platform, and now the game is available on the mobile platform for players to experience. When you were playing this game, it is guaranteed that the player will have a great experience with extremely satisfying action and excellent graphics quality.


Earth in the years 2020, the scientific research organization SSC accidentally discovered a special material capable of summoning dead creatures from an ancient sword. The sword was found after searching the hideout of an antique smuggling group. This has surprised all the scientists SSC, which has also made people of the modern era know the mysteries of ancient times. The process of investigating this sword was going well, suddenly the organization was attacked by a group of people, and these people stole the sword. These people already knew about the power of this material, and they discovered that the source of all the mysteries lies in the North Pole. Precisely located in the “Land of Sky” located above the North Pole, this is a land hovering over the North Pole and hidden from human eyes. The player plays Sheila, a female fighter sent by the SSC, to stop this SAI organization.


The gameplay of this game is extremely complex, with tactics that are difficult to master comprehensively. To be able to master all these factors, the player will have to spend a lot of time. But it is not impossible to master; players only need to remember how to develop the skills and characteristics of each skill to combine them. The game has only one most significant task, which is to stop the evil organization’s plan and regain that ancient sword. Players will have to fight the mysterious creatures that exist in “Land of Sky”, they are creatures with great power because human beings have never known before. By relying on their skillful control, players should help Sheila in her journey.


Skill System

The fighting style of the character is very diverse; the fighting style of the character also depends a lot on the player’s gameplay. After fighting and leveling up, players will receive skill points, and there will be a lot of skills for players to choose. Each skill will have a different requirement to be able to perform. So players need to select their skills in a reasonable way to easily use and defeat the enemy. This is quite similar to the game “Devil May Cry”, players can freely create their fighting style to use in combat.

Special Skills

In addition to using guns and swords as usual or using the rope on the left hand to be able to fight monsters. Sheila also has supernatural abilities such as psychokinesis and energy blasts. But to use these skills in combat, the player will have to reach the level the game requires. Once that is done, the player can even use time-stopping skills to destroy enemies.


It can be said that “Bright Memory” is one of the games with the best graphics level on the mobile platform today. There is not much difference when compared to the title game on the PC platform. The game uses the most advanced graphics technology that is Unreal Engine 4, so the game will ensure to bring players a great experience. Along with that, it is the extremely vivid effects that make the game more awesome than ever.

“Bright Memory” will be a game in the genre of FPS that players can not ignore.


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