Game Bullet Knight

Game Bullet Knight
Publisher Kooapps Games – Fun Word and Brain Puzzle Games
Genre Action
Size 113M
Latest Version 1.2.5
MOD Info Unlimited Diamonds
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Update March 3, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Guns are one of the weapons used a lot in modern wars; every soldier is equipped with guns to fight. Not only is it a famous weapon, but the weapon has become the inspiration for shooting games to be released. Many such games have been released for players to experience. But among those shooting games, there is a game created with a lot of differences compared to other games that players have experienced before. That game is Bullet Knight – a shooter with a top-down perspective for players to observe.

Bullet Knight (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds) ***

For a long time, there was a land that was once very peaceful; people lived and cooperated for mutual development. But that happiness did not last too long when monsters appeared in this world and destroyed everything. From the day and monsters appeared, the human world was in danger. They organized many attacks and used their overwhelming power to attack humans. Humans, when faced with the power of these monsters, are too weak and not enough to win. But then one day, a hero stood up to destroy the monsters. That hero was known as the Bullet Knight, along with his gun, he succeeded in defeating and killing monsters. And Bullet Knight is also the character that players will be playing in this game to explore the story in the game.

Bullet Knight (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds) ***

Simple graphic style, suitable for many devices

The game has been built in an incredibly realistic 3D graphics style to bring the most authentic experience. This game differs from other shooting games such as “Call of Duty” or “PUBG” for players to feel the novelty. Those games are all trying to make the game as authentic as possible, but for this game, it is not. They are built with the image of a chibi, so the game is not picky about the age of the player. Objects such as trees, lakes, and rocks are all built as simple as possible to optimize the configuration. So the game does not require too much of the game’s hardware, as long as the player has a mid-range device, he can play this game.

Bullet Knight (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds) ***

The adventure has many lands

The monsters have taken over many lands, and you are the one who has the task of destroying the monsters to free that land. There are places like good dungeons, deserts, glaciers, and many more places for you to fight. Each venue will split into different stages to challenge players. Once a player passes a certain amount of stages, the player must confront a miniboss to proceed to the next level. In the final stage, the player will be fighting the strongest boss, and it will be difficult for the player to win. But if the player persistently increases the power, at some point, the player can become stronger.

Bullet Knight (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds) ***

The gameplay is simple but not easy

The game has straightforward gameplay when the player doesn’t have to do too many things to fight. All that the player needs to do is control his character to move, and the game will automatically attack the enemy without the player’s help. But it will not attack and move simultaneously, but the game will only attack when the player stops fighting. If the player moves, the character will not be able to attack, it sounds easy, but the truth is not like that. If the player is in love for too long to attack the enemy, it will shoot to destroy you. So the player has to move to avoid the attack while standing still to attack the enemy. So the game requires players to have a good character control technique and good observation to win.

Bullet Knight (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds) ***

Level up and learn new skills

New skills in the game will be divided into two categories: the character and when the player is fighting. Upon completing an entire location or dying in the process, the player will receive EXP to level up a character. As the character’s base level increases, the stats will also be improved through skills. While fighting, if you kill an enemy, you will receive money, and it is considered EXP to level up. As for skills, if the character’s base level increases, the player will use the money to upgrade skills. But that player will receive skills randomly, they all increase the player’s stats. In the battle, when players level up, they will be selected one of the skill boards at random to assist in that battle. If the player dies, those skills disappear, and the player will play the game again from the beginning.


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