Game Bulu Monster

Game Bulu Monster
Publisher Sigma Game Limited
Genre RPG
Size 72M
Latest Version 7.5.1
MOD Info Free Shopping
Get it On Google Play
OS Android Games

Bulu Monster is an RPG game currently being appreciated by a large number of players on Google Play. In this game, the player becomes a trainer and accompanies his monsters in a vast fantasy world.


The world has existed for a long time and contains a lot of different types of creatures. Humans in this world have devised a special method to be able to capture wild monsters. Monsters that are captured will immediately obey the trainer and make any requests that the trainer makes. Players will begin their journey on a giant island named Bulu. Here encompass countless mysteries that have not yet been solved and are the home of numerous different species of monsters.

The gameplay of this game is unique; almost all actions in this game are one-hand touch control. Because of this, the game will not have any joystick to control. When moving on the world map, players tap on any location that will make the character move automatically with the shortest path. While moving around, players will likely encounter wild monsters scattered on Bulu Island. The monsters on this Bulu island are full of colorful, carefully animated. They appear in many different shapes and sizes and are guaranteed to appeal to players with only their appearance.

The fighting will take place in a traditional turn-based style. Each player’s turn can only perform one action regardless of whether it is a normal attack or a special skill. All of that action belongs to the monster the player is using while fighting. Players can use up to 3 different types of monsters to fight. Monsters are divided into many different elements, and that determines their strength in battle. The elements heavily affect the monster’s characteristics. Because some elements will counter or overwhelm each other, the power of monsters changes completely based on the enemy’s elements.

The skills of monsters will also be affected by the element, the higher the level of the monster, the greater the power of the elemental skill. After the player finishes the battle, the monsters who participated in the battle will receive EXP points corresponding to the level of the enemy. Monsters of the players after leveling up can evolve and continue their journey with their master. Each monster has three times evolution, and after evolution, their appearance and overall power will change and unlock more skills.


This game possesses attractive cartoon graphics that make this game friendly for any age. Besides, the visual effects of characters, monsters, and skills will be designed in detail to create more impressive for the player.

Players not only engage with wild monsters, but they also can collect them using several special tools. Monsters are divided into different ranks, and that will affect their training progress. Players can level up their monsters through the use of some special items instead of always fighting. After reaching the maximum level in the final form, they can change into a Mega Monster. However, it is necessary to use some special items to meet the Mega evolution conditions for the monsters of Bulu island.


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