Game Carcassonne – Tiles & Tactics

Game Carcassonne – Tiles & Tactics
Publisher Asmodee Digital
Genre Board
Size 55M
Latest Version 1.9
MOD Info Unlocked
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Update September 1, 2020 (6 months ago)

The fertile Carcassonne lands – a dreamland of nomads, is are increasingly being expanded and diversified by the various elements – the knights in the citadel, the farmers in the farm, the monks in the temple, thieves on the streets. Carcassonne is a brick-and-mortar game, a multi-style brain game, that won the prestigious Spiel de Jahres prize in 2001. With a variety of paths and scoring methods, there are a variety of tactics and depths. Simple rules make Carcassonne one of the most popular games of its time.

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Carcassonne’s gameplay – Tiles & Tactics game is simple enough to draw a square card each time and place it with other cards available on the table to expand the Carcassonne area. Then you can select the appropriate chess pieces on the square to earn points. You may not place a chess piece if you wish because if you do not, you will not be placed. There are 4 different ways to get points in Carcassonne:

1. Pirates and Roads
You place a piece of card on the path of the card you just played, that piece is called Pirates and will give you points when a road completed (both ends are closed). Each cell in the path length is 1 point.
2. Horsemen and Cities
When a chess piece is placed in the city, it becomes a Knight, giving you points when a city is completed. Each square of that city is worth 2 points.
3. Priests and Monasteries
Place your chess pieces in the monastery, and call it a priest. A monastery cell is completed when it is completely surrounded by eight other cells around. Then you get 9 points.
4. Farmers on the Coal
Any boulders on the field are farmers and only scores at the end of the game corresponding to the number of completed cities that are in the pasture. Each city has 3 points.
Each time you earn your score, you will re-enter the set, and you can use it to place the next turn. When the game card ends. Each person will receive points during the game (thanks to the set of chess pieces) and points at the end of the corresponding game. Many winners win!

When it comes to the myths that contributed to mark the birth of the Euro game with simple rules but with many tactics, the first two names are Catan and Carcassonne – Tiles & Tactics. It is difficult to say whether Carcassonne was the first game to use the Tile Placement mechanism, but it was certainly the most successful game, which drew a series of games with similar gameplay – enough to see how the influence. Carcassonne – Tiles & Tactics succeeds by simple, easy-to-teach rules, it is a game that can suit anyone – from beginner to advanced. But to keep someone playing for long, the new tactic is the key. You do not have to be distracted by the myriad of complex choices, as in other games, each card draws only one card, decides where it is placed, and places the game. The number of your selections will increase as the chessboard is expanded.

Players will struggle to gain the advantage while using cards to block other players’ opportunities. Each type of puzzle creates a different strategy so that you can combine them. Controlling a land is important, your task is to look at the potential areas where investment decisions, observation is the key. Carcassonne makes it easy to feel like you are in a picture puzzle, creating a final perspective. In the middle of the road, the more you calculate where to put the best, the more points. Fast playing time, continuous progress without much downtime will attract you to the game. Carcassonne’s gameplay is so simple but so potent that so many dozens of the game’s extensions are made – each of which adds new functions, new chess pieces, puzzle pieces, and new rules. which will certainly bring more tactics satisfied. If you played Carcassonne, do not rush to rate it with just the basics. Actually, the game is well worth the good points, but to be excellent, many expansion is needed. The land of Carcassonne – Tiles & Tactics is more than you imagined!

If you’ve called yourself a board member, whether you like it or not, you have to experience Carcassonne once, to understand one of the monuments of the industry. Not too brilliant, but no one denied the popularity of Carcassonne and the addiction that it gives players. You can be the next to prove it.


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