Game Cartoon Network Arcade
Publisher Cartoon Network
Genre Arcade
Size 43M
Latest Version 1.2.3415
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Update September 15, 2019 (1 year ago)

Cartoon Network is one of the world’s most popular TV channels thanks to its quality products. Their cartoons are built and self-released, so they are all copyrighted. With the channel’s favorite movies, there are movies of their own. But a product that gathers all those copyrighted games has not been produced by any manufacturer.

But Cartoon Network did it all by itself. “Cartoon Network Arcade” is a gaming platform containing many different small games with a genre. Players will have a fun time with the most attractive characters of this channel. Although these are different games, there is no influence on each other, but they do have a special bond. March 11 is a good time for players to experience this platform right on their mobile device officially. With this debut, Cartoon Network will have a synthesis for their fans. For those who want entertainment and quickly, “Cartoon Network Arcade” will get everything ready.

Cartoon Network Arcade is packed with games, figures, and more!

The first version of the platform will only mention games from its three most popular movies, Steven Universe, Teen Titans and The Amazing World of Gumball. These products are created themselves so that we can be assured of content and gameplay. Shattered Universe, Doodle Jump – Smashy Piñata, Gumball’s Block Party, all games are simple, fun and addictive arcade games. You can play them in a few minutes break time or also spend the Sunday morning to play them.

Doodle Jump is fun when the player plays the role of one of the Teen Titans and continuously jumps on the vertical screen, moving upwards. Be careful because on the way there will be obstacles that make you lose your life. The simple task is to reach the destination without hitting anything. Steven’s game will be like a 2D side-scrolling, and the rules are the same as Doodle Jump. Run to the finish line and don’t die. In general, all of them are easy to play and easy to receive rewards, only require a little skill.

The link will appear in the character collection you own. After playing minigames, players will have specific rewards. This will be a premise for you to unlock the characters you will use to play in the respective games. For example, you will unlock Beast boy with the ability to turn virtual, funny Gumball or intelligent Anais, … These representative characters will appear continuously, as the goal and achievements that players must finish. Another good news, mini-arcade-games will keep updating, and so will the characters. The platform of the platform will become diverse soon; there will be many games and characters from other series like Adventure Time, Ben10, We bare bear, …