Game CarX Drift Racing

Game CarX Drift Racing
Publisher CarX Technologies
Genre Racing
Size 532M
Latest Version 1.16.2
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update September 28, 2020 (6 months ago)

From a long time ago, from the early days of the game industry, racing was always a genre that was appreciated by many people. Over time, it has also been divided into many different branches and has different gameplay for players to experience. Although racing is also divided into many different genres, there is one thing that plays a very important role in racing, which is the drift. So only this topic has a lot of games released for players to experience. Among them, there is a game that is highly appreciated by players, which is CarX Drift Racing – a racing game on the theme of drift.

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Finding the best drift

Although it is a racing game, what players vie for is not the first to finish to win. When a racing game is no longer looking for a winner, many people will think that it will make the game boring because it is no longer competitive. But not for this game, when the competition and challenges are still there for players to experience. Instead of racing to finish first, players will find a way to become the leader by drifting a lot to earn points. In this game, speed is not everything, of course, it still has a certain importance, but it is not the deciding factor for the game’s victory anymore. The ability to control their own vehicle is the most important thing to lead players to victory.

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Mastering the handbrake button

In order to create an artistic steering wheel, the player needs to master one thing, which is the hand brake button. This is a factor to help players perform the drift phase and score more points to win. When the players went to a corner, you need to press this button so that it can brake and create drift effects. This game is important in skill because for this reason, if you cannot master this handbrake button, it will be extremely difficult to get points. Often people will just tilt their phone to drift, not really paying attention to the handbrake. But this is the main factor to make the player win.

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Diverse game modes

Having multiple game modes in a racing game will help the player to be less boring. Create charisma and through that can fight with other players through online mode


This mode is what made the name of this game and it also attracts players to the game. In this mode, the game will be given time to drive and drift to score. The longer the player drift, the more points the player will receive, which will lead the player to victory more easily. If the time is up and the player still has not fulfilled the minimum requirement of the game, the player will lose.

Time Race

In this mode, players will have to combine speed and technique, players need to overcome challenges and complete the game on time. The less time it takes, the higher the player gets and the more bounty will be. The player needs to speed up and slow down in time to overcome the obstacles in the game.


This is the mode where players will be controlled by their vehicles without being limited by points or time. This is the mode that players spend to practice and develop their skills to a new level. Try racing in this mode before joining other modes if you don’t want to lose.


The game also allows players to race with other players to share the experience with other players. Players can invite their friends or race against other players at random.

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Variety of car models

One of the features that any racing game has is the variety of cars for players to use. Initially, players will be given the game 6000 Golden Coin to buy a car, but this amount is not enough to buy good cars. Players need to accumulate a lot of money to be able to unlock the cars they like. The game will have cars from many famous brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and many others.

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Customization your car

Players can upgrade or customize their own vehicles to be unique and become the winner of the race. Players can upgrade the Suspension, Engine, Brakes, and many other parts of the vehicle to increase the vehicle’s power. In addition, players can decorate their cars, such as paint colors, styles, stickers, and more to make the player’s car unique on the track. But to do this, money is indispensable.


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