Game Case Opener

Game Case Opener
Publisher Efez Games
Genre Simulation
Size 67M
Latest Version 2.7.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Premium
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Update January 17, 2021 (2 months ago)

Opening boxes and being surprised by their contents, until you have the best collection, is surely part of a popular feeling that becomes addictive. Case Opener is a simulator that induces you to that surprise opening that gives you a good feeling. It becomes fun to extend your collection as different cases open up. All this game provides is a great number of functions to take advantage of. So you can’t miss out on some of the purpose and interface design that will drive you to get it.

Case Opener (MOD, Unlimited Money/Premium) ***

The benefits that makeup Case Opener

The opening of all cases starts the adventure. Therefore, through Case Opener, a whole series of exchange and obtaining of resources that you do not want to lose is unleashed. As long as the cases are opened, a whole series of adventures begins to take place, starting with the fact of having an exceptional view. The game is played in a 3D mode, where cases and memories arise. Best of all, the mini-games cause an extension of fun to a great extent. Being able to bet and withdraw money, the control over this adventure catches every user. There’s also the doubleroulette feature, so you can test your luck. You can bet on the color of your preference, even doubling your masks. The wider the object, the more you can win or take advantage of it. In addition, you can opt for a skin test, to see if you are a real expert in skins.

What else Case Opener has to offer

Another training point is the one through which you can memorize a code so that the bomb does not explode. It is called Bomb Defuse, and then you have an extensive inventory that you have achieved through your efforts. This is why it is considered a race to the top. The wide variety of options offered by this game is to get real statistics from the players. You can even enjoy 30 achievements that can be unlocked as you interact with the game’s development. This will position you in the ranking table of the game to rank you as the best.

Case Opener (MOD, Unlimited Money/Premium) ***

The realism preserved by Case Opener

Once it’s time to open a box at Case Opener. There is a whole 3D experience that connects you immediately to feel that nervousness of knowing what you are going to find. The availability of money makes your decisions important, on the other hand, you get to undertake contracts to achieve 10 masks. As a goal of the game, there is also a superlative level and StarTrak. Each option or vision is accessible and without complexity, being able to visualize without problems the price of the skin as far as Steam Market is concerned. The wide interface accepts a wide acceptance of languages. The game is available in English, Chinese, Polish, and Russian, ensuring that it is a download that is compatible with any use or location. It’s not just a clicker game, but an absolute realism with all the surprises that come with opening a box.

What can I expect from the graphics

In the development of this modality there is no need for tapping. It is a complete simulator that will cause you a great emotion when unveiling each case, which will provoke you to want to follow all the surprises that are produced. Each of the standard cases are available to open for free.

You don’t need to wait to open these cases, much less to try this kind of fun. Which for many may be a question mark. But all collectors approve of its dynamics, once you choose your case, you proceed to open and enter a world in which your luck is tested. Fun or themed mini-games are also a good option. It’s impossible not to be entertained by all that it offers as alternatives to the main game. Although it is important to keep in mind that the value of the masks cannot be changed or transferred to the actual inventory.

The compatibility with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has only the above limitation. The rest is an extraordinary freedom to provide what you need, first level weapons, and other elements that give more power to your inventory. The 3D is another one of its most acclaimed values that you cannot let go.

Case Opener (MOD, Unlimited Money/Premium) ***

What to expect from Case Opener?

The splendid development of Case Opener is recommended to open boxes and surprise you. Getting knives and other weapons that in other applications cost a world to get out. But the variety of elements offered in each opening, is the main addition that moves to prefer this application.

It’s fun to be inside this game, with a very realistic interface. Besides allowing the opening of boxes in standard mode. To go to another level there is a whole series of fair offerings. It is something to take a stand for and choose to use it to excel with the best inventory.

It’s exciting to see what’s in this box, becoming an intrigue until it materializes and you have a whole series of very attractive weapons. It is an application worth knowing, only awaits you excitement and suspense when the time comes to open a box of this type.

Expand the surprise of what this box has, is possible thanks to the mini-games. Because more than a distraction, they test your skills as well as get essential money to advance within this development. The availability of excitement is guaranteed every time this game is installed.

Have an attractive inventory once you enjoy and understand the mode of this application. It generates an important opportunity to have an exclusive supply when opening each box. If you want to have a good time, this is the application for you and collect great weapons.


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