Game Castle Crush

Game Castle Crush
Publisher Fun Games For Free
Genre Card, Strategy
Size 110M
Latest Version 4.5.8
MOD Info Unlimited Energy
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Update November 11, 2020 (4 months ago)

RPGs are one of the most highly-rated game lines and have become one of the most popular game lines. But besides RPG games, many other genres are popular with many players. Including RTS, a genre of this strategy game gives players a lot of exciting things. Not only controlling the characters and fighting, but this series also requires players to have a strategy to be able to become winners.

Castle Crush (MOD, Unlimited Energy)

The game that can bring both RTS and RPG to the player experience is Castle Crush: Epic Clash – a strategy game. This game has a lot of differences with the usual strategy games that players have experienced before. So if players want to experience a new feeling, this game will be a great choice. The game will bring players very interesting battles, where strategy determines everything.

Castle Crush (MOD, Unlimited Energy)

Graphics and context

The creative team created the game in 2D graphic format, one of the most modern things. The world of the game is not a regular place; there is no such thing as green pastures or beautiful things. All that the game has is fire and castles for the devil so that he can live in it. That is the fun that the game brings players to you can enjoy that feeling. The characters in the game also have appearances such as skeleton, monster, and many other things from hell. But they are not described in detail and frightened because it can make many players not play the game. The images of the warriors are depicted with colorful and chibi style to reduce the fear of the game. So the game is still suitable for many different types of players. Also, the world of the game is magical, so many things seem only in legends to appear in the game.

Castle Crush (MOD, Unlimited Energy)

Fight with the cards

Many other RTS games, the player will control the character’s attack the enemy to win. In this game, it is similar but has been added to the element of the game card, that is, players will use cards to fight. Each turn, the player will be given a game with five different cards for players to use. The game’s screen will be divided into three lines, and the player will take the card to any path that the player wants to summon monsters. The main goal is to destroy the enemy’s castle at the end of the lane and win. But players also need to be careful because the other end is your castle, and the enemy will also attack the player to destroy the entire castle. So players need to have strategies to use reasonable cards to be able to win.

Castle Crush (MOD, Unlimited Energy)

The strategy is the most important

This game is a strategy game, so the tactical element is the most crucial thing of this game. Players need to know how to use the best cards, depending on the situation to be able to win. Each time a player uses a card, it consumes the corresponding MP to activate it. Depending on the power, the MP consumed may be more or less, so be careful before using it. When runs out MP, it will take a short time to reload MP and continue to fight. At the beginning of the game, the MP maximum the player has is three, and each time the player draws the card, it is increased by one. No matter how many cards the player draws from the deck, it is counted as one draw, and the player still only gains one MP. The maximum number of MP the player can unlock is ten, so try to open them early as this will bring many benefits.

Castle Crush (MOD, Unlimited Energy)

Collect more than 40 cards

In the game, there are more than 40 different cards for players to collect and use in battle. They are divided into two categories, summoning warriors or magic power for easy use by players. Magical cards will cost more MP to activate because they can change the course of the battle. Warriors can fight for a long time, and magic only works once. For example, a player can summon a bolt of lightning to attack a random monster to kill him. Or can summon fire to burn down the entire road and damage the enemy.

Castle Crush (MOD, Unlimited Energy)

The game also has some unique cards that you can use, such as when you invoke a warrior, it will bring a fire to burn the enemies. To collect more cards, the player needs to do it is to win. When the player wins, the player will receive cards as a gift. Besides, there are many gifts for players every day, and these are new cards.


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