Game Cat War2

Game Cat War2
Publisher WestRiver
Genre Strategy
Size 35M
Latest Version 2.4
MOD Info Unlimited Diamonds
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Update September 23, 2020 (6 months ago)

From the past to the modern, the human opinion was that dogs and cats were always hated each other. There are even movies about these animals’ confrontation. Not only is the film, but the dog-cat fight has also become an inspiration for many titles being released on the market today and is popular with many people. Currently, the game is being appreciated on the market and highly appreciated by many players. That is the game Cat War2 game is a wave in the market and is well received by many players. The game will bring the best entertainment experience for players to relax.

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The war of cute cats and dogs…

Long ago, before humans even appeared on Earth, dogs and cats dominated the world. But then one day, dogs can no longer tolerate sharing their land with cats, so they begin to find ways to destroy cats to take the land of cats. The dog starts its crime by kidnapping the cats of the cat kingdom to threaten the kingdom of cats. Because they do not know how to win, cats can only use the help of a hero, Catphinx, to rescue this kingdom. The Catphinx did everything it could to save the cat kingdom but was punished without the consent of the gods. When the hero is punished, there is no one left to be able to save the kingdom. During this dangerous time, the dog once again attacked the cat kingdom and brought unprecedented danger. Then who will be the one to save this world from danger? It is you, the only person with enough power to save the kingdom of cats. So what are you waiting for without coming to this game right away to find a way to rescue cats from danger?

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Lovely graphics, but the image of a warrior

As many people know, dogs and cats are adorable animals and are often chosen to become pets at home. Because they look cute, so when made into a game will often bring looks lovely it to get back to everyone. But that is not true in this game when the offering animals appear in the form of mighty soldiers to fight. Cats and dogs will be equipped with armor and weapons to fight. No longer pets in the house, but now they have become a warrior to fight for their kingdom.

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The gameplay is tactical but straightforward

If you only talk about the gameplay of the game, it is straightforward; anyone can learn and play the game easily. But that is just knowing how to play, but if you want to win, everything is not only that simple but also a lot more difficult. The game is built in a tug of war style, so it is not too difficult to master it. Players only need to use the money to call the warriors to appear and fight the monsters. But calling out warriors is a problem that players need to worry about; just a small mistake, the player will lose immediately. If you want to win, you need to destroy the entire army of the enemy and get close to the opponent’s stronghold to destroy it. It sounds easy, but accomplishing this mission takes a very long process and strategy combined to win.

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Diverse warriors

In the game, there are many different types of warriors that are brought into the game for players to use in the fight. They are divided into many different categories, such as warriors, archers, magicians, and many more for the player to use. Depending on the situation of the war and the enemy’s army, the player can make a perfect choice. The warriors that the player chooses can counter the enemy; you can win easily. But to summon warriors, it takes a diamond to summon them. Each soldier will have a different number of diamonds required, the stronger the need for more diamonds. During the battle, when you destroy the enemy, you will receive diamonds to use. Kim is not only used for the purchase of warriors, but also for upgrading strength, purchasing equipment, upgrading ramparts, and many other things.


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