Game Champions and Challengers

Game Champions and Challengers
Publisher YesGnome, LLC
Genre Strategy
Size 120MB
Latest Version 2.0.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Energy
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OS Android Games

Adventure Time is released Since 2010 and has become one of the most popular animation shows on Cartoon Network. In fact, it just ended just a few months ago, but the effect that this animation brings is so vast that fans around the world can enjoy any work. That is related to it. The game made on this topic has been released a lot in the world and received the support of loyal fans of this animated series. If you are looking for a quality game product, “Champions and Challengers – Adventure Time” is absolutely the right choice for you. It is heard from YesGnome, LLC designers with products from popular film and animation content. With over a million downloads, this game has earned its reputation and has a strong foothold in the current gaming market.

But a familiarity accompanies IMPROVEMENTS.

This is a game that takes players to the adventures of the boy was famous Finn, along with his brother Jack’s sister. This time, the two will have to fight Dice Lord to the ULTIMATE Adventure Time game. These fights are directly from the popular cartoon series but are restored in a completely different way that allows players to enjoy gameplay in their own way. In terms of its gameplay design style, it will be extraordinary that I describe in the section below. In general, it is not the same as any product that is popular at the moment. Although it is not difficult, you have to spend many hours to get used to it, but it will really surprise the player a bit.

The legendary battles you have witnessed in animation will take place right before your eyes, and the player is the determining factor of the outcome of the match — strange battles and no one sure that will bring peculiar attraction. In addition, the characters will be designed in a proper way, so it is monstrous enough.


It’s not a joke, Champions and Challengers – Adventure Time will be a gathering place for almost all the most famous characters in the popular animated series of Cartoon Network. In the movie, the audience will be taken to many different worlds they call Adventure Time Multiverse. How to stay in the film is the same as in the game. You will be allowed to control all characters from hero to evil. They will operate in your army to bring the most glorious battles. Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, BMO, Ice King, and so many more!


This will be a game where players who control their characters in real-time will quickly react to manipulating your control to create consistent attacks well suited. Players will have to build perfect tactics based on the role they own in the team. In fact, you can hardly make an army that cannot be defeated, so follow your opponent before entering the battle to be able to create the best strategy.

Players will be able to perform battle-based tactical turn-based RPG combat. Processing you will use elementary operations to implement math attacks! “As I mentioned above, it will work in an extraordinary way. But basically, it will still be a 5v5 battle, requiring players to calculate a lot in each step of their own. Each character will have their own power, but players can also own special Tricks and Artifacts. These will be separate power sources provided to many players, but when it is combined with Individual skills will create lots of damage, effects, and combos. This will bring endless customization in tactics.


If you are looking for a genuinely great match, Champions and Challengers – Adventure Time never has disappointed players. The PvP Arena is a perfect place for you to search for combats with other players. The ultimate goal is simply so you can improve your rank on the leaderboards with your warrior skills. However, it is also an excellent way for players to train their tactical thinking and make themselves better. In addition, players can upgrade their champs to unlock powerful ones to attacks and earn yourself more significant victories. Summon a squad of champs and challengers from all over the Land of Ooo! Fighting through each Kingdoms with different stages will allow players to progress.

MOD Info?

1-Infinite Coins
2-Infinite Gems
3-Infinite Artifacts
4-Infinite energy

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