Game Chaos Rings III

Game Chaos Rings III
Publisher Ltd, SQUARE ENIX Co.
Genre RPG
Size 2.1GB
Latest Version 1.1.1
MOD Info Mega MOD
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Update February 21, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

After the Final Fantasy series, there were many other titles released with the hope of surpassing what the elder had achieved. The Chaos Rings series is one of the few series that can do that. This game belongs to the next generation, not the previous generation, as other games. In particular, the third of this series is one of the games that receive the most enthusiastic reception from the audience. The market is very different from the past, and now the mobile market is one of the places that many game makers target. So similar to the previous one, Chaos Rings III was also released on the mobile platform for players to experience.

This game is also the first game of this series to be put on the PlayStation Vita platform for players to experience. When players come to the game, they will experience a lot of exciting things from the gameplay to the story of the game. All are carefully invested by the creative team to bring the best experience to the players.


This game brings players to a fantasy world; this world is made up of two things is advanced technology and myths. In this world, people not only lived on earth, but they went further than that, they came to extraterrestrial planets to live. Humans have now achieved their dream of traveling to an extraterrestrial world to live in something their ancestors had never done. Then one day, humans found a strange planet called Marble Blue; this planet has never been discovered and only appeared. There are many rumors about this planet, such as endless treasures, and even mysteries that have attracted many adventurers. Nasca was a 16-year-old boy living with his sister on the island of Sierra, and his father was one of them. But to achieve those dreams is not easy, Nasca’s father died while on the planet Blue Marble. Years later, suddenly one day, Nasca dreamed about a strange dream, in that dream, a woman called him to Marble Blue to explore. So he decided to go there and discover the mystery of the world called Paradise that the woman mentioned.


Looking for companions

The Marble Blue planet is a dangerous place, during the player’s gameplay, you will have to confront a lot of monsters here. Players will have to do many of the hazardous tasks assigned to the game to explore the story of the game. It is difficult for the player to complete the game alone, and the player will be killed before the game can be made. So players need to search for reliable teammates to support each other. A party will consist of three members, and the game has arranged for the players the remaining two members to help the player. Together, the three will explore the Marble Blue planet and search for the mystery behind it.


Play traditional and familiar

If players have played these JRPG titles, then no stranger to the turn-based style of game. This game retains the same gameplay, so you don’t need to spend too much time getting used to the game. Players and monsters will take turns attacking each other until one of the two teams is completely defeated. When it is the player’s turn, the player will be able to control the attacks of each member of the team, not just control all members at once. This will make it easier for players to immerse themselves in each character in the game when the battle takes place. Thanks to this feature, players can create many new offensive tactics to fight.


Diverse skills

In addition to attacking with regular attacks, each character in the game has great magic power to fight. Those skills are performed in the form of cards for the player to use. This makes the skill of the character is not fixed that the player can change, to create many new things in the game. Players can freely change the card to change the skills of each character without affecting the gaming process. Each time the player uses the skill, it will cost an MP to activate it. The player’s MP will not be reloaded during the battle, but the player must use items to recover it.

Fight to level up

The more players fight, the characters in the game will become stronger and stronger to face the boss. When players accumulate enough EXP, the player will be promoted and become stronger, the player’s stats will be significantly improved. There are two ways for players to get MP is to do the tasks assigned by the game and fight monsters.

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