Game Choice Game Library: Delight Games

Game Choice Game Library: Delight Games
Publisher Delight Games
Genre Simulation
Size 27M
Latest Version 7.8
MOD Info Full/Unlimited All
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Update November 27, 2020 (4 months ago)

Today reading stories or reading novels is an effective entertainment method. Besides the emotional sublimation factor, by reading stories, readers can also find the philosophical elements in life. However, the traditional way of writing stories still has some inadequacies. There are stages in the story that readers can still read-only without interacting, or more daring than changing the storyline. Situations that do not follow the wishes of the majority make many people feel a little “lame”. Understanding this, a section of young game makers have created a new style of reading stories – both reading stories and can choose the answers or other directions for the story. And the game that I want to give you in person is Choice Game Library: Delight Games from the publisher of the potential novel game Delight Games. With the mission of bringing fresh air to lovers of stories, Choice Game Library is a game that you cannot ignore.


This is a game based on player interaction so everything that happens will depend entirely on the player

65+ interactive stories

Basically, the gameplay of Choice Game Library couldn’t be simpler than choosing a favorite novel and then slowly enjoying it. The game is truly a paradise of fiction, covering many different genres. From medieval fantasy fiction to Future fantasy like the Zombie pandemic; There are also historical adventures, detective novels, horror stories, romance stories, and even pirate adventure stories appeared. In fact, the game has many more genres than that, all you can do is participate in the plot, be a part of the character system and decide the direction and actions of the characters in the sentence. For each story, for each situation, you will have to choose between many paths for survival, love, wealth, reputation of the character. A happy story, or a story ending in tragedy, are all your own steps. Besides, the game also owns in itself a remarkable point and equally attractive. With each choice or a smart move, the player will be added points on the scoreboard. At the same time, the game will also have a ranking system. It is based on the way you face the situation, the choices you have made.

Interesting content

The deeper you learn and the plot, the more interesting things you’ll see in the content, especially with detective novels or stories related to the character’s life. Basically, the players of this game must have a little patience to read and understand everything. If merely choosing a random answer to see the result, the plot will be boring because it ended so quickly. Being in a victim’s position will help you see the problem better, the thrill and anxiety will stimulate your thinking more sharply in the way you deal with the situation. Compared to the traditional way of reading a story, instead of being guided only by the storyline that the author created, from now on the story will be more stimulating if you choose it yourself. Every time you die, you will lose a life. This is also a plus point in forcing you to make the right choice to get to the end of the story.


It can be said that the gameplay of Choice Game Library is quite simple, just a little calculation in thinking along with attention in the plot content, you can understand the whole story. Not stopping there, Delight Games also spends time and money to equip its spiritual children with many outstanding features. The first point to impress players will be a system of extremely rich interactive stories. There are more than 65 different novels covering all genres that you may not have searched for. Each one of them has more than a thousand decisions and hundreds of possible outcomes. And through each storyline, you can also get dozens of achievement rewards for completing a challenging task. Besides, like a role-playing game, you can still go back from the checkpoint every time you take a wrong step leading to unfortunate results.

In addition, it is even more special when the story you are about to turn into a new direction of more inference, with more strategic and unexpected factors that make you tremble with excitement. In Choice Game Library everything is possible. Owning the game also means that you have a complete interactive novel set such as Wizard’s Choice and Zombie High. And the last thing that you cannot ignore is to update the application regularly. Each new updated version will come with many new interactive novels that are very interesting and interesting. Join Delight Games in the hunt for new stories from Choice Game Library.


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