Game Chrono Clash
Publisher Gamenami
Genre RPG
Size 82M
Latest Version 1.0.285
MOD Info SpeedX
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Update March 12, 2020 (1 year ago)

Chrono Clash is a tactical game with a completely new way of playing from Gamenami. In this game, the player must select the attack way in your turn and the special feature of the game are to allow you to transform into the units that you are controlling to have fun activities.

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Chrono Clash does not have much innovation when it comes to playing the familiar style of the role-playing strategy game. The player plays the biggest role in a mercenary squad and is tasked with building a combat squad with up to five members. Through the recruiting feature, you can gain new warriors with higher combat abilities depending on your luck.

Also, each character class in the game can unlock certain types of occupations to boost the stats or learn more powerful skills. In the current version, Chrono Clash supports up to 32 character classes from basic in-game units such as Knight and Mage to the unique Dark Templar and Artificer. Chrono Clash battles take place in the form of turn-based battles. You have to choose the type of attack each turn and the special feature of the game is allowing you to transform yourself into the unit you are controlling to have fun activities. At the same time, players can also intervene in battle by activating their strongest skills when power is enough.

You will have a lot of tactical things to keep in mind when controlling your squad from positioning, character classes, skills, and equipment,… to external factors such as battlefield terrain, the ability to critical attack or armour the physical and magic resist of each character. For example, if you choose a perfect position, the archers will have the opportunity to poke the enemy that they have no way to close or shoot back. In Chrono Clash, you will use a mysterious resource to activate various types of skills, and time will also affect the way you choose your tactics because powerful and destructive spells will cost you plenty of time to cool down. And while you are completely useless, you can not pay back. Of course, the disadvantage can be overcome by upgrading your stats by equipping or ploughing to higher levels.

Now that Chrono Clash is still in beta, there will still be minor bugs that affect your experience. And the trial version is only available for Android, and iOS gamers will probably have to wait a while longer to download it.