Game Code: Life

Game Code: Life
Publisher Tencent
Genre Survival
Size 2GB
Latest Version Coming soon
Get it On Google Play
Update April 2, 2019 (2 years ago)

Tencent is China’s most significant game maker when they hold huge products. For players’ thoughts, this developer’s game has a huge position in their hearts. The biggest names in the survival game series are PUBG and Fortnite have fallen into their hands. The operation of the smartphone version of those products was more than enough. In contrast, their competitor, Netease, is not inferior to constantly offering products of the same category and achieving unexpected success.

And after a long time, you did not have any action for a survival fighting game genre, Tencent began to act. The latest information has just been updated last week that they will have a product called “Code: Life.” Just launched at the annual UP 2109 event. Actually, it will dislodge other games thanks to the technology that I use. The game will make players feel realism, and it aims towards close cooperation between players.
As for the content of the game, we can quickly realize that it uses the story of the Afterlife and the familiar Zombie. Players will feel the difference only when they are addicted to the game. Basically, it is the same as the current hot products.

Obviously, Tencent is the person behind the release and operation of the game. But the task of creating and designing Lightspeed games (the development unit for PUBG Mobile). All that you wait for is a game with graphics that closely matches reality and promotes fighting. “Code: Life” still does not have DLC dogs so players interested in it can only register in advance and wait a while. If you already have a WeChat or QQ account, register quickly. “” will be the website that updates everything.

Briefly talking about gameplay, it sets a complex post-apocalyptic world. When everything has been destroyed, the number of people alive is very small, and most are zombies. They are looking for all options to kill the rest of the human race in this world. You will have to find the most trusted allies and cooperate with them to survive in this crazy world. The game allows players to explore the vast world, not just hiding in their home area. “Code: Life” will enable players to participate in other Survival activities such as climbing, hunting, fishing, sailing, or adventure in different environments.

The resources in the game are finite, so to serve human survival, you will have to move to different places. You will even have to go to remote cities to find resources. Look for areas where survivors should be, try to create good links with them. Of course, everything will not go smoothly. People will have to prepare themselves to face different types of powerful zombies. In addition, food and shelter will be a big problem. And then if you meet other groups, it is unlikely that they will agree to cooperate with us.


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