Game Coromon

Game Coromon
Publisher Coromon
Genre Adventure
Size 130M
Latest Version 0.5.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update March 10, 2021 (3 days ago)

Adventure games always give players a unique experience and challenges that you will have to overcome. You will go from place to place to find exciting things and gradually discover the world’s mysteries that the game brings. So players can experience it on their own and completely immerse themselves in it. If you are a lover of adventure and want to go to many places, you cannot ignore Coromon. coromon-1


Coromon graphics are not 3D but 2.5D that players can experience anything that they want. It can be said that this is a world where you can try it and slowly find out certain mysteries. Despite the simplicity in graphics, but the game still gives you an utterly complete world with many various environmental and human factors you can interact with. So it will provide you with a unique experience. The specialty of the game also comes from the variety of environments it can bring. Specifically, players will travel through many lands that own a unique feature to help you have an unforgettable experience. So you will spend a lot of time experiencing what is in each different city. Besides the cities, you will also explore forests, caves, and other elements along with unique animals called Coromon.


Coromon gives you a simple and easy-to-learn way that you will explore and participate in various brutal battles with your servants. During the game, you will learn more about the game’s story through interacting with other elements in the game. Also, you will be the one who gives the orders and directs the attack of your teammates to win together. coromon-1-1-1-1 Your teammates are none other than monsters that live in a spinner called Coromon. They possess a distinct strength and an awe-inspiring appearance. Simultaneously, they also have their characteristics that you need to care about, especially the skills to use in battle. You will need to master everything to be able to facilitate and spear yourself against various powerful enemies. Therefore, this is also what characterizes turn-based battles. Another mechanical game element you need to take care of is once again coming from your teammates’ ethos. They possess a unique characteristic that will be more effective or weaker than another. Therefore, in some cases, this is also the factor that brings victory to the player because it is difficult for you to win when you meet an opponent who completely overwhelms you. This factor will take a lot of time to memorize, and you will adapt quickly through the matches.


This game offers you unique matches, and besides, you will have an adventure between different cities or terrains. Therefore, you will encounter a diverse landscape in some cases, and it will take you to move. Simultaneously, for each region, there will be new monsters that you can face. Indeed, any player wants to own a new Coromon. Besides exploring, you will certainly not be able to ignore the challenges that the terrain can bring. Bushes that may spawn monsters are a frequent occurrence in the game. But in some landscapes that you need to explore to perform a quest, it will offer you certain puzzles that you must solve. Each zone will have a different mystery that you will have to complete to get to the end. During the exploration, you will also often encounter monsters blocking your progress. For some, it’s an obstacle that everyone will ignore, but this is an opportunity for you to enrich your collection. Specifically, you will be able to attack them and deal a certain amount of damage but not let them be defeated entirely. Then you can catch them with Spinner and add them to your backpack. So, to each region, don’t forget to see yourself new monsters. coromon-1-1-1-1-1


Coromon gives you a game that is challenging for players. But one factor that everyone needs to admit is challenges like emerging opponents or increasingly powerful monsters. So the only way you need to do it is to find ways to enhance your teammates’ power through battles as you meet opponents or monsters in new environments. Don’t skip any valid matches.


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