Game Cosmic Top Secret

Game Cosmic Top Secret
Publisher Klassefilm
Genre Adventure
Size 900M
Latest Version 1.0.4
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Update September 15, 2019 (1 year ago)

Cosmic Top Secret is an adventure game recently released from Klassefilm. Join the game; players will discover the strange story of T. Her parents had worked for the company thinking from Denmark during the Cold War. With the age of a new girl, T is always curious about what her parents do. In her head, there are many questions that need a proper and reasonable answer. But T is extraordinarily stubborn and loves to explore, so the mystery of her parents’ work will be revealed in the adventure.


The player will transform into a girl named T, make a journey to find the truth about the work that her relatives are doing. With 30 different characters involved, the player will go through to find out the biggest mystery to the ever-urgent question in T’s head. During the adventure, the girl will meet many other characters with interesting stories. However, each character only reveals a small episode. By talking with other people, the player needs to chain the mysteries and special circumstances of the story together to find out the complexities behind.

Everything will be extremely complicated with distracting details. Players will have to scrutinize everything and even if necessary will have to talk to a person many times. Later on, the puzzles will become increasingly difficult to ask for much thought. So, during the game, the gamer must keep his head cool, so that he is not distracted by anything. But sometimes, seeking help from an acquaintance for the same answer is a good suggestion.


Cosmic Top Secret style graphics owns quite bizarre. While the 3D simulation experience space, characters, and details are represented in 2D – flat. The rotation angle is arbitrary, not limited. At the same time, players will feel the details of the details and monitor the game performance. Animation and animation are smooth, flexible. The sound element helps the game to create true clarity. The layout is pretty straightforward; the game focuses on hand gestures instead of the lighter keys. Make it simple and easy for players to play.


Cosmic Top Secret is a pretty trivia game. If you are a fan of this genre, try Cosmic Top Secret. Your brain will maximize your power when participating in this game. Let your friends and adventurers see who discovered the secret sooner.

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