Game Crazy Chef

Game Crazy Chef
Publisher Casual Joy Games
Genre Simulation
Size 125M
Latest Version 1.1.47
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update January 5, 2021 (2 months ago)

Crazy Chef is an arcade cooking simulation game, giving players great experiences as they cook delicious and beautiful food. Most cooking games make things simple and only focus on visual quality to convey a dish’s deliciousness to the player’s imagination. Also, players can cook those dishes again if they have enough ingredients because the dishes in this game are all built by top chefs in the world. The player’s task in Crazy Chef is to serve all the cuisines to other foods, with various cultures and cooking methods; players will experience being a talented chef with their portable kitchen.

Crazy Chef


Crazy Chef is a cooking simulation game, but arcade-oriented for players to enjoy the feeling of becoming a professional chef. In this game, the player becomes a chef and begins a series of cooking challenges serving food worldwide. Depending on where the player is going, the culinary culture will be different, and the cooking method will change, and the player’s kitchen will become new after each location. The gameplay will also provide players with many exciting events and activities, even special challenges for them to cook exclusive dishes. Accompanying the dishes will be an advanced kitchen, supported with an upgrade system to improve their cooking environment.

Crazy Chef


The cooking mechanism is simple, and the player will be given detailed instructions to prepare a dish with a variety of flavors. Each customer will have their own taste in the dish, and the player’s task is to prepare the perfect dish to serve the customer as quickly as possible. Players only need to use their flexible fingers, with the perfect cooking strategy, to prepare food as quickly as possible. The game will have automatic cooking mechanics and automating almost everything, and players need to choose the order of ingredients according to each customer’s order. By holding and moving the cooking ingredients, the player can easily prepare the right dishes with the order. It even comes with the store’s special variety of desserts or appetizers.

Crazy Chef


Each restaurant in Crazy Chef will have a unique culinary culture, and players can gradually unlock new recipes once the minimum requirements are met. Each dish’s cooking style is different, and the player will have to continuously prepare the dishes for the present time and complete the final stages to maximize each customer’s bills. Of course, players can prepare new foods based on their own knowledge, because many diners want to be surprised by their favorite chefs.

Crazy Chef


Crazy Chef will bring players around the world to enjoy different culinary cultures, even the player’s kitchen will change for a new cooking experience. . The condition for unlocking new restaurants is that the player needs to complete all the restaurant challenges first, and use them as capital to upgrade the next restaurant. Each restaurant will have its own characteristics, such as cooking style, food preparation process, and diners’ needs.

Crazy Chef


Crazy Chef will introduce players to a versatile upgrade system, helping their kitchen and restaurant grow and satisfy more diners. First, the player’s kitchen will have an upgraded cooking utensil system, helping players prepare food faster and even accompanying appetizers. Meanwhile, the restaurant’s interior can be upgraded, such as adding new furniture, improving the quality of the furniture, changing the main colors, and adding more entertainment. The upgraded restaurant will extend the wait time of diners, giving players more time to prepare food.

Crazy Chef


The developer of Crazy Chef knows that things will quickly get boring if the player has to repeat the same structured challenges. Therefore, the game will introduce players to interesting events or activities. Influencing them is new recipes and new equipment for each restaurant. Of course, players can enjoy indefinite special challenges because they will provide players with a new environment and new dishes to cook.

Crazy Chef is a cooking game featuring outstanding gameplay with lots of entertainment to relax players. It will have all the cuisines of the world, with various cultures and cooking methods. If you are a culinary enthusiast or want to experience cooking, this game will be a worthwhile experience for you. It will also bring you many interesting events and activities, helping you reach the culinary world faster.


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